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Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

Already looks like the best coaster there tbh. Also excited by the fact that this is testing already, hopefully the end of May was just a conservative estimate and they'll have it open for the early May bank holiday, or is 2+ months testing normal for a launched coaster?


I'm sure the ride is capable of opening without the new restaurant if needed. In terms of what's left to do, it's just landscaping/a bit of theming, queue line, exit and ride entrance. It shouldn't take too long.


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They might be able to open it early, but they might not necessarily want to. If they're not looking to save some time if they're behind, they'll probably want to open it as a full package if they can.

I'm in the camp of "it'll open when it opens", by the way, can't say I care an awful lot - as long as it actually opens. :p


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Social Media Team
For anyone in the Granada area - it appears Granada Reports will be showing testing footage of Icon during tonight's 6pm news.