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Youngster Joey

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  • Coaster count at start of 2018: 299
  • Coaster count at end of 2018: 326
  • New credits obtained in 2018: 27
  • New parks visited in 2018: 6? (Michigan's Adventure, Sylvan Beach, Conneaut Lake Park, Marineland, Six Flags America, and Craig's Cruisers)
  • Days spent in a theme park in 2018: 17 (6x Cedar Point, 1x Holiday World, 1x Great Escape/1x Sylvan Beach/1x Seabreeze, 1x Darien Lake, 1x Darien Lake/Seabreeze, 1x Conneaut Lake Park, 1x Michigan's Adventure, 1x Marineland, 1x Six Flags America, 1x Kings Dominion/BGW, 1x Knoebels, 1x Waldameer)
  • Favorite new ride of 2018: Steel Vengeance and it's really not even close
  • Favorite new park of 2018: Craig's Cruisers mostly because the others were not good parks. some were not quite as bad as their reputation but still bad parks.
  • Highlight of 2018: This is a tie for me. 1 is the US live and getting to meet some awesome people for the first time (@Howie @DelPiero @davidm etc (I may have forgotten what exactly everyone's username is, but i definitely haven't forgotten you)) while also getting to see people again after a very long time (@Edward M @LiveForTheLaunch) . The other was definitely the portion of the US half of the trip @Hixee made that I tagged along on and all the fun times had on that trip as well.
  • Biggest surprise of 2018: the number of times I heard park employees and guests saying the N-word at SFA
  • Low points of 2018: See Above

My season's over, hopefully I didn't forget anything. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones and I look forward to what next season will bring.


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Ooh, this one should be easy:
  • Coaster count at start of 2018: 37
  • Coaster count at end of 2018: 38
  • New credits obtained in 2018: 1
  • New parks visited in 2018: None
  • Days spent in a theme park in 2018: 6 (1x Animal Kingdom, 1x Disney's Hollywood Studios, 1x Epcot, 1x Magic Kingdom, 1x Kongeparken, 1x TusenFryd)
  • Favourite new ride of 2018: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (coaster), Flight of Passage (other) (note: These were the only new rides I rode this year)
  • Favourite new park of 2018: N/A
  • Highlight of 2018: Having some time to just wander around Epcot, looking at stuff and taking in the atmosphere.
  • Biggest surprise of 2018: Seeing just how badly TusenFryd has deteriorated since my last visit. Didn't look like anything had been painted in years, and where messages (i.e. station instructions, rules for game stalls, etc.) were previously given on painted wooden signs, now there were laminated sheets of paper stapled to the nearest convenient pole/wall. I knew it was bad, but that bad? Heck, the park is making record profits! Seriously, screw Parques Reunidos.


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My season isn't quite over yet, but I might as well post for now:

  • Coaster count at start of 2018: 386
  • Coaster count at end of 2018: 423 (projecting 427 IF I'm lucky)
  • New credits obtained in 2018: 37
  • New parks visited in 2018: 10 (Fun Spot Kissimmee, Canobie Lake Park, Palace Playland, Funtown, Story Land, The Great Escape, Sylvan Beach, Conneaut Lake Park, Craig's Cruisers, and I guess Kokomo's counts despite the spite)
  • Days spent in a theme park in 2018: 24 (Busch Gardens Tampa, Both Fun Spots, Sea World x2, Cedar Point x6, Canobie, Palace Playland/Funtown, Story Land, TGG/SB/Seabreeze, Darien Lake, Conneaut Lake Park, Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom/Epcot, Craig's Cruisers, Michigan's Adventure, Kokomo's x2, Holiday World)
  • Favourite new ride of 2018: Steel Vengeance
  • Favourite new park of 2018: Canobie Lake Park
  • Highlight of 2018: This is a tough one. The few days of the US Live where we all got to hang out at Conneaut, Cleveland, and CP probably tops everything else.
  • Biggest surprise of 2018: Again, a tough one...Steel Vengeance was a bit of a surprise, as was Canobie as a whole and also Roar-o-saurus and Mako. I think I'm going to go with Expedition Everest - it was SO good.

I'll update in a few weeks, surely. In the meantime, I'm going to shamelessly plug my trip report thread in case anybody is curious about some of the more off the beaten path parks I visited (sorry for the dead photo links):



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Coaster Count at start of 2018: 145
Coaster Count at end of 2018: 181
New Creds: 36. Best year so far for me!
Scratch that, make that 38. I got a couple of surprise creds during a spontaneous trip to the Topsfield Fair a few weeks ago. Got another SPF Spinner and some Galaxi. In fact, that might've been my first Galaxi model, so that was interesting.

It's possible I did one when I was a kid, but who knows.


My end of season summary.
  • Coaster count at start of 2018: 200
  • Coaster count at end of 2018: 236
  • New credits obtained in 2018: 36
  • New parks visited in 2018: 8 (The two Universal Orlando parks, SeaWorld Orlando, the two Florida Funspots, Busch Gardens Tampa, Efteling, Toverland)
  • Days spent in a theme park in 2018: 17 (including 5 days at Alton Towers :eek:) plus a few short drop-ins at some smaller parks.
  • Favourite new ride of 2018: Mako
  • Favourite new park of 2018: Universal Islands of Adventure
  • Highlight of 2018: My first visit to Florida in 30 years. Things have changed a bit! :)
  • Biggest surprise of 2018: Thirteen being unexpectedly awesome after dark.
  • Low points of 2018: A hellishly busy day at BGT meaning I missed out on 4 new creds. The Skyride being down at Alton Towers on two visits resulting in far more walking than I wanted to do.

Overall a pretty good year for me – not a patch on last year but I still rode 60 different coasters and got 36 new creds. The trips to Florida and the Netherlands were great and I got plenty of UK trips in too. Being a Season Pass holder at Alton Towers was an interesting experience and I think I just about got my money’s worth but I doubt I’ll be renewing. Nearly all my new creds were of high quality too, with 9 B&Ms, 5 GCIs and course Icon being amongst the best. Happy to have a JASSM count of just three this year! :D

A couple of extra stats for me:

Total Miles Travelled on Coaster Track: 57 (approx)
No. Times Inverted: 228


Time to admit that the season is over.
  • Coaster count at start of 2018: 221
  • Coaster count at end of 2018: 266
  • New credits obtained in 2018: 45 (the best year yet for me)
  • New parks visited in 2018: 9 (Motiongate, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, Parque Warner Madrid, Pleasurewood Hills, Hopi Hari, Energylandia, Legendia, Efteling)
  • Days spent in a theme park in 2018: 16
  • Favourite new ride of 2018: Hyperion (honourable mentions to Flying Aces and Lech)
  • Favourite new park of 2018: Energylandia
  • Highlight of 2018: Excellent new coasters at Towers and Blackpool; 2 of my most visited parks
  • Biggest surprise of 2018: Finding out the Wild Mouse is gone
  • Low points of 2018: See above
I'm going to add a new category:
  • Spites: Coaster Express, Vertigo (at P de A de Madrid), Tornado at Legendia, the whole Parque Ulengo in Angola, Bob at Efteling but then I went back and got it.


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Been a quiet one for me.
  • Coaster count at start of 2018: 337
  • Coaster count at end of 2018: 388
  • New credits obtained in 2018: 51
  • New parks visited in 2018: 13 (Including Terra Mitica, Tibidabo, Port Aventura, Plopsaland, Djurs Sommarland, Tivoli Friheden & Fårup Sommarland)
  • Days spent in a theme park in 2018: 18 - Maybe not so quiet, revisiting lots of places this year, namely Blackpool/Alton/Efteling/Walibi Holland
  • Favorite new ride of 2018: Sole new entry to my top 20 this year is Anubis from Plopsaland de Panne. Incredibly punchy! Icon, Gold Rush and Wicker Man are worth an honourable mention. For best other ride, Symbolica turned me into a child again because Efteling is just that good.
  • Favorite new park of 2018: I want to say Port Aventura, because it's a lovely place with some awesome rides. Wish I felt that way about how it's run. For the opposite case, honourable mention to Fårup Sommarland, which is incredibly charming, very well run and has a giant **** off obstacle course which is amazing WTF!
  • Highlight of 2018: Lots. Let's see:
    • Kärnan. Again
    • Fårup's giant **** off obstacle course
    • Revisiting Efteling having spent the whole year listening to the soundtrack. It's so magical!
    • Troy at night! Best single ride I've had on something since my first ride of Kärnan
    • Braving the Tivoli SCAD Tower with @Jordanovichy
  • Biggest surprise of 2018: Goliath at night was actually amazing! Also Toverland's Halloween event was great quality (even if the mazes weren't quite)
  • Low points of 2018: Dutch parks absolutely packed out at Halloween, eurgh! Still had a good time at them though. Also the Hellendoorn taxi incident
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Gonna be grim.
Can't handle the anticipation, so let's be optimistic and say no more spites this year...

Wood Coaster @ Knight Valley (2nd time)
Worm Around @ FWD Xiamen
Mine Coaster @ HV Shenzhen (2nd time)
Technically rain wrote off a day at HK Disney (been before)

Twister Rollercoaster @ Crealy Devon
The Walking Dead - The Ride @ Thorpe (not a cred)

Fruit Worm Pulley @ Nanhu Park
All of Hot Go park - Happy Jungle World (4 creds)
All of Hot Go Sea (3 creds)
All of Shenyang Botanical Garden (6 creds)
Worm Around @ FWA Shenyang
Children Coaster + Galaxy Coaster + Motor Coaster @ Quancheng Euro Park
Worm Around @ FWD Wuhu
Cho Cho Car + Flying and Floating Over the Clouds and Water @ Gingko Lake Amusement Park
All of Happy World Nanjing (2 creds, 2nd time)
Stingray @ Giant Wheel Park (2nd time)
Dinosaur's Spine + Happy Chew Chew Train + Horse Roller Coaster + Scream Valley Train + Sky Swirl @ Lewa Adventure
All of Shenming Universal City (2 creds)
2 cred days lost to rain
Dragon in Snowfield + Fly Over Mediterranean @ HV Chengdu
Dragon Train @ Pago Land
All of Tongdo Fantasia (2 creds)
Dragon @ Geumgang Park
1 side of Wild Mouse @ Nagashima Spa Land (2nd time)
Kids Coaster @ Kariya-shi Kotsu Jido Yuen
Diving Coaster: Vanish + Spinning Coaster @ Yokohama Cosmo World
Diggy & Daggy's Tram Coaster @ Tobu Zoo
Looping @ Southport Pleasureland
SuperSplash @ TusenFryd
Stellas Revenge @ Clacton Pier (2nd time)

I make that 49 operating creds denied to my face with effort put in, so not including places I didn't even try for (even a phone call) due to bad weather or new creds that weren't open yet.


*May be getting 1 or 2 more new parks before the end of the year, and will visit SFNE a couple more times for Holiday in the Park*
  • Coaster count at start of 2018: 67
  • Coaster count at end of 2018: 102
  • New credits obtained in 2018: 35
  • New parks visited in 2018: 7 (Kemah Boardwalk, Silver Dollar City, Six Flags Great Escape, Tusenfryd, Liseberg, Kolmarden, Grona Lund)
  • Days spent in a theme park in 2018: 16 (SFNE x3, Liseberg x3, Lake Compounce, Kemah Boardwalk, SDC, Big E Fair, SFGE, Tusenfryd, Kolmarden, Grona Lund, Canobie Lake Park each once)
  • Favorite new ride of 2018: Helix (and my favorite of all time)
  • Favorite new park of 2018: Liseberg
  • Highlight of 2018: Marathoning Helix 23 times my final day at Liseberg! This was definitely my favorite day at any park ever. Knowing I would need to say goodbye to my favorite park and coaster for the next 3+ years, I made the most of it. Getting rides on each of the coasters and riding Helix enough to satisfy, as well as absorbing the park's atmosphere and exploring all of its nooks and crannies.
  • Biggest surprise of 2018: Tough one! Thundercoaster, Boardwalk Bullet, and Time Traveler were all huge positive surprises! They rank as my 9th, 10th, and 11th favorite coasters (not in order).


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It's been a rather quiet year for me, especially compared to last years USA cred madness!
  • Coaster count at start of 2018: 510
  • Coaster count at end of 2018: 563
  • New credits obtained in 2018: 53
  • New parks visited in 2018: Kolmarden, Energylandia, Legendia, Hellendoorn, Slagharen, Billybird, Funland,
  • Days spent in a theme park in 2018: 19. Alton Towers x 2, Disneyland Paris x1, Parc Asterix x1, Blackpool Pleasure Beach x 1, Kolmarden x 1, Thorpe Park x 2, Hellendoorn x 1, Slagharen x 1, Toverland x 1, Billybird x 1, Walibi Holland x 1, Chessington x 1, Funland x 1, Liseberg x 1, Energylandia x 1, Legendia x 1, Hamburger Dom x 1
  • Favourite new ride of 2018: Hyperion. Absolutely loved it.
  • Favourite new park of 2018: Kolmarden. All the cute animals!
  • Highlight of 2018: The Poland trip was an absolute joy from start to finish. Liseberg at Halloween was stunning - nice to get 5 hours of darkness in the park! Toverland Halloween event was amazing, what an atmosphere.
  • Biggest surprise of 2018: Icon being better than I thought it would be. How rough Tonnerre De Zeus at Asterix has become. Dr. Archibald dark ride being massively disappointing. How forceful Valkyria is.


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A brief one from me since I don't do counting 'credits'
  • New parks visited in 2018: None
  • Days spent in a theme park in 2018: Unknown, again I don't count them.
  • Favourite new ride of 2018: Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Favourite new park of 2018: N/A
  • Highlight of 2018: Having two amazing coasters ope in in the UK
  • Biggest surprise of 2018: That horrible morning when Emma shoved a picture of BPB without the Wild Mouse under my noise ato the same time I was on the phone to a friend who was about to break the news to me. Also having to console both Emma and Luke on opening day when they were stood outside the ride site crying. Terrible day.


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This year was far more successful than last.

New Creds: 26
New Parks: 4 (Efteling, Toverland, Phantasialand and Blackpool)
Best new cred: Taron. Speaks for itself.
Worst new cred: Colorado Adventure, the jittery little bugger.
Biggest surprise cred: Probably Wicker Man, was expecting it to be a snoozefest but ended up having some really good rides on it.
Total amount of days spent at parks: 21
Favourite moment: Hard to say as there where a lot, but one of the better was walking into Baron's second preshow. First time seeing such a high-tech, smooth animatronic.
Least favourite moment: Queueing 80mins for Walking Dead when it looked like 30mins, only for the ride to be boring.

Still got a potential trip to Winter Wonderland, so that'll probably add a couple new coasters.


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We rode on the front but I was riding with someone considerably larger so the restraint did nothing (which could be a good thing depending on who you are). Just found it to be far too uncomfortable to warrant rerides.