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Your favourite defunct roller coaster

Matt N

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Hi guys. Sorry if there's already a thread like this, but I made this thread because I was interested to know what you guys' favourite roller coasters that are no longer operating are. Most of us have an operating top coaster, but the defunct top coaster is one that's rarely talked about among enthusiasts, so I would be interested to know some of your opinions.

As for my favourite defunct roller coaster; I've only ridden the 2 Dragon Challenges at Islands of Adventure, so by default it would have to be one of those. And controversially, I think I'm going to pick Hungarian Horntail because I remember the two providing very similar experiences, but I seem to remember Hungarian Horntail being slightly less uncomfortable than Chinese Fireball.

I would be interested to hear some of your thoughts. I can already predict that a certain rodent-themed ride from Blackpool is going to pop up quite a lot...
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I can already predict that a certain rodent-themed ride from the North of England is going to pop up quite a lot...
Yeah, that's the one for me. I haven't been on too many coasters that have closed down and not end up being relocated. All of the others that could qualify were pretty meh in comparision...

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I'm going to pick Hungarian Horntail


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Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Son of Beast at Kings Island

BBW was a legit fun ride and while it wasn't insanity, it was missed. Luckily, Verbolten is definitely fun as well. SoB is more of a nostalgic type deal as it was just.. enormous. Not great by any stretch but jesus was that ride imposing.


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As anyone who has ever read any of my posts will know, it's the Wild Mouse. But I don't see any reason not to make a list:

1. The Late Great Wild Mouse
2. Knightmare
3. Southport Cyclone
4. Corkscrew
5. Euro Sat
6. King Solomen's Mines
7. Alpine Coaster at Stoke Ski Centre
8. Vonkaputous (I think it may be for sale but the only buyer I can imagine would be a scrap merchant)
9. Dragon Flyer
10. Tsunami at M&D's


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Dragon Challenge at Islands of Adventure. Don't know if we'll ever have any more dueling B&Ms in the future but the ride had some really unique interactions and visuals. The rides themselves were also quite good even when they didn't duel. Shame it got caught up in Harry Potter area and the accident that lead to no more dueling.


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My two are in my sig, but yeah, won’t get over those in a long time. I think they’re the first two (or three) coasters to go that I’ll REALLY miss like that, at least that come to mind now.

As far as other rides, my memories of Log Jammer at SFMM hurt now <//3


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See.. Dueling Dragons wasn't that special to me. It was just kinda.. there? Hulk was superior to both and that ride isn't exactly incredible. Plus if you drive 30 minutes, I could find 3 better B&M's just hanging out. Yeah, unique.. but not good in any sense of the word.