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Your favorite moment of airtime?


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^Totally agree. Come at me with massive surprise; I got thrown straight out of my seat! 85 Mph down a drop pretty much explains it though :)


The first of the hill crests on Thundercoaster, that's something else, but apparently it has been retracked, and ruined.


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Kebab said:
^Totally agree. Come at me with massive surprise; I got thrown straight out of my seat! 85 Mph down a drop pretty much explains it though :)

Sounds like Dodonpa, only that's 107mph.

Everyone knows Toro, "Bizarro", Behemoth, etc. but there's a couple of less commonly appreciated ones that stand out to me:
-Georgia Cyclone (SFOG)
-Cyclone (SFNE)
Both give insane airtime in the back (SFNE's in fewer spots, admittedly).


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Diamondback's second hill has a particularly good "Holy ****!" moment diving into the ravine.

Maverick's first drop in the back or it's first airtime hill in the front though are just two moments of pure airtime orgasm.



Pretty much every hill on Goliath at SFoG. The 2 that stand out most to me though would be the Second hill (that dives to the lake) and the 2nd hill on the return were everyone is looking up at you. Another coaster would be Comet at Hershey. I got so much air on every hill.


Irn-Bru Revolution has some interesting airtime going backwards. I'd say that was my favourite.
^ I never really got the airtime on irn-bru. I sat at the front to try and get as much ejector as possible on the backwards bit, but I don't remember getting any air.

What I do remember though, is that the loop was fantastic in backwards motion, and I also remember lots of coasterforce people oscillating the station back and forth and scaring the other CFers... :lol:


Irn - Bru Revolutuion - sometimes, when you're at the back, that drop can be epic

ROTM - USF with the lap bar up a little, the hill after the launch can be awesome

The Ultimate, so many points. If not the first hill it's the corner of death when you lmost hit the tree if you're sat at the right hand side.

Dive Machines - If you count that as airtime. It's pretty cool, except Oblivion didn't really deliver the other day.

Xcelerator - The top hat, I wasn't expecting that and it was great.

Big Dipper - Geauga Lake. That roller coaster was insane. This is when I learnt not to loosen seatbelts quite that much.

These are the only ones that have come to mind.


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Irn Bru Revolution - Going forwards, back row, absolutely mental airtime.
Speed (Oakwood) - Pretty strong airtime on the first hill. Good fun
Wild Mouse (BPB) - Again, mental airtime on the double dip. Adding to that the fact that you've just negotiated some high speed turns, getting excitement levels up, and you just get thrown into the hills, absolutely awesome. :D
Megafobia - Back row, first drop. I remember being out of my seat all the way down.

Also, even though they're not coasters, I'm going to mention Cliffhanger and Ice Blast, which get really good strong airtime at the top of the shot. Detonator as well.


I can't believe that I haven't posted in this thread before, but here goes:

A part from the normal stuff, like: Balder, T-Express, Goliath (WW), Mega-Lites, pre-GCI Thundercoaster, SD2K, etc. that offers great airtime everywhere.

There are a few other spots that have a special place in my heart:
* Second twisty hill (technically third twisty hill on the layout) on the Mega-Lites are easily one of the best places to be, no only have they airtime, but the twist itself flings you out of your seat and increases the ejector feeling :)
* The tiny drop after the launch on Dodonpa gives the best floater I have experienced, the sheer speed and the tunnel really increases the floating sensation.
* I know that many people dislikes the Togo stand-ups, but one (at least) really gives the most sensational airtime I have experienced, the stand-up side on Milky Way at Mitsui Greenland have one big and a couple of small hills on it's layout and in the front car you can experience the most insane ejector airtime ever conceived, you are launched of the car :) . Sure we all have experienced that feeling sitting down, but standing up is a completely different feeling, it feels like you are going to fall out of the car :D (I'm not sure if the Togo stand-up "clones" produces the same thing after their looping, but I really hope so...).
Gotta be the staggered drop on the grand national at the back... its just barking and violent.... a bit like me.

But the most memorable is still the back of the alton towers thunder looper just before you came into the station. It just seemed to hover there forever! Ahhhh i miss you thunder looper!


1. Xcelerator's top hat. If your in the front seat it's orgasmic.
2. Shivering Timbers.
3. For a lack of other coasters: Magnum XL


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Prety much everything on Grand National.
Wild Mouse at Blackpool, especialy when you ride alone.
Irn Bru at the front of the backwards drop (so technically the back row at that moment).
Oblivion's drop, especially at the back has great airtime, kinda mix of floater and ejector makes for a unique experience.


I distinctly remember coming right out of my seat on every single Wooden coaster at Blackpool.

Often overlooked. Twist and Shout at Galston, Scotland has some interesting airtime when it threads through the loop.


bezzzzzer said:
Big Dipper - Geauga Lake. That roller coaster was insane. This is when I learnt not to loosen seatbelts quite that much.

I was just about to put that nearly falling out of the Big Dipper at Geauga Lake was one of the only times I've actually felt like I was going to die on a rollercoaster, and then I noticed that you'd mentioned it :D. Was your fault.


I haven't been on many airtime-y oriented coasters so:

The airtime hill on Saw
Also the one on Colossus
The one on Nemesis near the beginning
Quantum at TP when they run it really fast!
I have a couple.

Colossus (Airtime Hill) - Thorpe park
Oblivion (The Drop) - Alton Towers
SAW the Ride (First drop inside, after leaving the station) - Thorpe Park

The one on SAW always gets me!