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Yomiuriland | Lipovitan Rocket☆Luna | Gerstlauer Inverted Coaster | 2021

Peter Immelmann

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I'm not entirely sure what the back-and-forth swinging is supposed to be good for as it'll only be doing something when longitudinal forces are at play, that is, on lift and in the break. Ok, maybe it's a nice add-on doing a bit of back-and-forth swinging each time you hit a break. BTW, I strongly suspect that the two rows are synced with some kind of connection rod regarding the back-and-forth swinging. Did you hear about any details concerning this?

Peter Immelmann

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Thanks, Gazza, for the private lessons. 😅 My subconscious mind must have been thinking of the Titan (SFOT) mid-course break 🥱☕... ups, I did it again...😂


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I have to commend the park for adding anything to be honest. Despite the news of the loss of one of their classic rides soon.

The Japanese Park scene is in a bad place with only a few parks able to add new rides of any significance.

I think it's @Pokemaniac who often talks about the way parks like Thorpe have a huge number of coasters that will reach the end of their service life around the same time leading to difficulties replacing major rides in quick succession.

I think this point could be applied to pretty much the entirety of Japan. A country full of lovely small parks that all got jet coasters and togos from a series of expos during the late 1900s. These coasters are starting to show their age and like the standing coaster here it's possible they will all close within the next 10 years. This I believe will be devestating for the struggling Japanese park scene.

It may not be a huge statement coaster like fuji q tends to do but any new coaster in Japan should be celebrated.


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Taking your word for it that it's open, therefore unstickied.

Interested tweet translation (from Twitter's translation):
The brakes are applied several times while driving, but "It's okay if you put your head on the pillow properly" because Luna's pillow is insanely soft compared to other coasters! Can I sleep anymore ...? It's fluffy at the level I think!
Does... does that mean it has headbanging? Pahaha.


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According to their website and various social media posts, it seems that the coaster itself is actually being called the Lipovitan Rocket☆Luna while Space Factory is referring to the area as a whole.
Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 9.07.11 AM.png

Funnily enough, they're also marketing their newly installed Fight Ippatsu! Zierer family drop tower as the first drop tower in Japan with rotating seats. Can anybody verify this?