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X:/No Way (Out)

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Roller Poster
Waste of money

Well, part of the reason I hate it is because you know it has an exit station and an entrance station? You know it's too dark to see something inside the train, let's say, SICK. And the fact they wouldn't be able to clean it because no-one would know because you CAN'T tell anyone for two reasons - there's noone in the exit, you cant tell people at the entrance until you queue again!

Well guess what? It happened to me! :lol: :x
I got it on my hand and trousers EEuuucchhh! Someones vomit, it came out their STOMACH eeeek!

About the ride errrmmm.
The strobes gave me a head-ache
No real fun G-forces.
Small drop, goes round, stops for 30 secs [yawn]
Keeps doing this
For the queue i think not XD


Mega Poster
I like no way out but

The stops get boring after a while
And especially as it isnt dark enough so you can still see the track behind you, CCTV etc.


I really love enclosed coasters, but I have no real memory about my ride on X:/NWA, compared to the other enclosed rides I have been on.

I have been on another Vekoma Enigma, Space Adventurer at Kumdori Land, which is much better than Thorpes incarnation, I guess facing the trains forward and not stopping on the MCBR:s may be the thing for Thorpe to do, and then they would have a great little ride...

Or rip it out and replace it with a Gerstlauer Spinner <3


Giga Poster
I'd love to see X dot dot take a slash WTF converted into some sort of lazer thing, with the rollercoaster. Basically Duel/Tomb blaster on a coaster. The stops can be scenes. Would be unique.

Its kinda an iconic thing of Thorpes landscape, so I would like to see it just re-vamped rather than lost. It has potential to be good. Wether they make the most of that potential is another matter....

Nemesis Inferno

Strata Poster
^No it wouldn't...

Replace Gerstlauer with Intamin loefet and you can colour me interested...

BUT, Thorpe desperately needs a dark ride, and on a personal level I would love one of them EMV rides, alas, never EVER EVER going to happen...

So we're probably stuck with NWO as it's 'popular' with the GP...


Mega Poster
I'm stunned that the voting on this is 50/50. It's ****. I go on it when it's raining, or I'm on park with a noob who has never experienced the lameness of it before.


CF Legend
There's no way that poll can be right. Either loads of noobs from the XNWO Appreciation Society (if there is one) have come over and all voted) or people 'actually like' XNWO. :shock:


Staff member
Novas said:
I go on it when it's raining

I'd be happier to stand out in the rain. In fact, I'd be happier to be mugged by a bunch of chavs and have me head flushed than go on it - at least that would be interesting and would get some adrenaline pumping.


Mega Poster
My vote swayed it from 20/20 :--D .
I really like it, I just think it's such a missed opportunity, it'd be much better if it didn't tell you it went backwards then they closed the doors after every train load of people entered the station, you brace yourself then start moving backwards whilst the ride-ops all look really worriedly at each other. But, I suppose that is never going to happen.