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Would you do it?

Would you do it for $100,000

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While being here at the study, we found out about another medical study that pays $100,000 for a one day.

The catch? You lose a testicle.

So the question is: would you give up a testicle for $100,000? Ladies, would you give up a breast for the same?


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Hell to the no. No part of my manliness is being taken away for money. Life threatening situation? I'll consider it.

In short, no.


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Give up a boob? I might as well since I don't have much to begin with :p

In all actuality, probably not though. My body is too important to me to be risking just for some money.


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^Your body being precious to you never stopped you sticking bits of metal in it.

And to answer the question, of course I wouldn't.


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Social Media Team
kimahri said:
After getting a cyst on 1, I've become really protective of them. No.
This. Not that I'll ever use them for the whole baby thing, I wanna be able to use them to... And if something then happened to the other one I couldn't... And that would make me sad.


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For 1? Hell yes.

100 grand could help out many parts of my life.. and living with one baby maker is fine with me. If it was both? No way.


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Nope. I want the satisfaction in knowing I blew my load on her using my testicles rather than blowing a load of cash.


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If I was older settled down with kids and didn't want anymore children then I don't see why not.

Although $100,000 is around £55,000 and I would want a little more than that to be honest!


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^Exactly. I'd want around £1,000,000. Add another zero, and make it in pounds and I'd consider it.

You can live and function perfectly well with only one, but there's something not quite right about removing one. Enough money however, people will do anything!


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For £100,000 I would do it tbh. It would clear all my debts and give me my life back, you can live with one and lets face it I wont be having kids.

For $100,000 I would not do it.


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Pieman said:
furie said:
Bollocks to that!

Best post in the thread.

Also, I'd give away both of them for $200,000. The money will get far more use and won't constantly itch. :roll:
It's the skin that itches not the actual ball, if your actual balls are itching, see a doctor!

My answer. No I wouldn't, but if my enlarged vein gets any bigger and an operation won't help it, yes. :lol:


Jools said:
It's the skin that itches not the actual ball, if your actual balls are itching, see a doctor!
I understand that, but if I give away my nuts, I'm not just going to leave a flappy sack of skin left under there. No, that would go too. Maybe I could even get $50k for that! :wink: