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Which of these nasty park/queue habits is the worst?

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  • smoking in the queuelines

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  • bad language in theme parks

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  • q-jumping

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • alcohol in theme parks

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Oooooh... Good poll... I'll have to have a good hard think about it, but can I suggest you also get "littering" added... Wading through everyone elses crap and getting stuck on other people's gum is pretty gross too!


I agree with Phil on this one, littering is disgusting!

But then again, Smokers Ok I accept thats their descision, even if they want to break the rules and force it upon other people.

Bad Language, when your in a family park, take chessington for example, It annoys the hell out of me when you get a huge group of teenagers and they are swearing their heads off a they walk past familys, or stand in a queue line and feel it nessercairy to swear with every sentence when they have a family behind and in front of them.

Q-Jumping is something that seriously annoys me badly. While everyone else is queuing why do these people feel it nessercairy to skip the queue and get their quicker, wait your turn!

Alcohol in theme parks disgusts me. Why do people need alcohol in a theme park to have fun? Theres enough things to do, your mates to chat to, you dont need to have alcohol to have a good time.

Out of all of them I guess it would be Q-Jumping as that really grates for me!
Oh crap! :lol: littering is horrible. I forgot about this one.

Q-jumping is something that happens that often that there're already different names depending on a way of q-jumping.

Bad language doesn't annoy me because I'm used to it. People swear around everywhere, even on TV.

Alcohol is for the humans. It is nice to have a glass of beer. I have witnessed excessive drinking that comes along with all the above mentioned things. It doesn't appear to be nice.


Queue Jumping, I hate it. Tis the best way to ruin your day, if a load of ignorant people decide to jump over the post instead of walk around, or just push infront like a group of ten join one person, and them think it's alright! I do have Disneyland Paris in mind at the minute, no offence to the French, but it is really annoying.

I don't mind smoking in queue lines, all my mates smoke apart from me so I'm used to people smoking around me. I know it really agrovates some people though.

Bad language I don't mind, unless it's at a Disney park in which case I don't think it's right because of all the families around etc. I prevent from swearing at parks mostly anyway, there's a time and place for things like that.

As is the same with alcohol. It shouldn't be drunk at theme parks in my opinion. You have a very nice day without alcohol ahead of you so why consume it and ruin your day? I think that's stupid.

But, yes, queue jumping I think is the worst. Some ignorant queue jumpers really ruin your day.
I can understand re-rides if there are walk ons and the ride ops don't have anything against it. I have done it myself several times. It is probably the only fair way of doing re-rides. Not classed as q-jumping though.

Forced queue jumping is the worst. I have overheard a conversation between a queue jumper and random girl. Actually it wasn't even a conversation. He just forced priority on a ride being rude and sarcastic.


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Hmmmm... Let's take these in order and try and sort them out:

1. Smoking... Despite my recent arguments, it's something that doesn't bother me, Furie! It does however bother others and makes Madame_Furie ill, so it does bother me by proxy! :) However, it's likely we'll be using parent swap for many years to come, so it'll be me "suffering"...

2. Bad language... Neither Madame_Furie or myself swear in public places, or around children. We don't let Minor_F play games with swearing, or watch films with swearing... Therefore, we tend to get a bit ****ed off when people swear at theme parks! ;) The occasional swear isn't bad. Most kids only repeat words they hear often, or that are directed specifically at them. Background f's and blind's are mostly ignored... So it's annoying, unnecessary, but usually okay.

3. Q-Jumpers... Don't bother me at all. If I get the chance, I will tell the ride op, and get them kicked out of the line. Ride ops DO take q-jumping seriously, more so than smoking and swearing... I've had quite a few people taken off a ride because I told the op they'd queue jumped... You find the other people around you will also back you up... :)

4. Alcohol... Although I don't think it is needed at theme parks, as long as people don't abuse it and cause trouble, then I think it's fine. I'm oddly soft on this subject (which considering I have only ever had a bottle of beer once EVER in my themeparking career is strange). I think it wouldn't hurt parks not to sell it, it wouldn't be missed and it would be a sensible "pro-active" move. However, people intent on getting drunk wouldn't do it at the over inflated beer dispencaries at themeparks. They'll bring their own anyway...

5. Litter... Well... Go to Disney and look at the litter problem... Sheesh... Oh, there isn't one... That's because the park is well maintained so people respect it, and there's an army of litter pickers cleaning it up... People are the cause, but UK theme parks don't provide a solution...

So, my choice... It has to be between smoking and swearing... I can't really chose one over the other in terms of anti-social behaviour, but I'm going for smoking as it's actually against the rules...


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For me personally, i'd probably say queue-jumping. It just annoys me [/Will moment]. I'm one of these people that won't say anything though, which makes it more annoying for me!

Smoking doesn't bother me myself, doesn't affect me, but I know it affects people around me, which is why i don't particularly like it. Rach has mild asthma, which is easily triggered by cigarette smoke, leaving her uncomfortable, which is unnecessary really.


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All of them suck in a way

Smoking is a clear disregard for other peoples health.

Bad Language is an influence to kids (Although it's hard not to sometimes)

Queue-Jumping needs to be taken more seirously. Parks say they will eject you but i've only ever seen Thorpe do this in N:I's queue.

Alcohol in themeparks is fine I feel. In designated areas and in moderation. It's only a problem with underage drinkers. Let's face it would alcoholics have the money to get into these places? At ?30 a go i think not..
tks said:
Let's face it would alcoholics have the money to get into these places? At ?30 a go i think not..
Yep. Not no mention that beer is much more expensive at theme parks. Its a perfect way to fight out the habit. :wink:


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A good way to cure shopping addiction is to leave someone is Disneyland for a day with $10.. Can you buy anything? No :lol:


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The price has nothing to do with it if they enjoy it.. Smokers would pay ?10 for a pack if they raised it that high...

People who queue jump really annoy me, to the extent that my left eye starts to flicker.


Its a tough choice between smoking and Q-jumping.....

I might have to pick O- Jumping just because it makes you feel so cheated *cries*


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Social Media Team
I hate queue jumpers with a passion, and they'll more often then not be met with arms across the queue, a few "Why the hell do you think you're better then everyone else?" and a grassing to the ops... shame they never do a thing.


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q-jumping is a bad one, and i have only seen it once, and that was back in august at thorpe, i think some of you may remember that! Language at parks i can stand with, but not in certain parks like the ones mentioned. Smoking, well i don't mind it, my parents smoke, so i am used to it, and we used to visit parks a lot as a family! Litter, do hate it, but i just put mine in the nearest bin, if there is not one available, in my bag till i find a bin, or just carry it! Why have alcohol at a park! No point, I don't like a beer during the day unless i am on holiday or down a pub. So why bother having a drink like that at a park!


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Q-jumping. So rude and disrespectfull. Whats worse is that they quite often get away with it; and even when caught are NEVER evicted from the park (which is what is threatened)


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It's bad language.

Smoking I can put up with because I smoke.

Queue jumping doesnt bother me because I'm confident enough to stop people passing me, plus it's sometimes nice to let big-breasted women brush by.

Don't mind so much about booze, providing it's limited to people so nobody get's too wasted and pukes everywhere/start's a fight.

By default it's bad language. There's no need to swear most of the time, let alone around strangers, especially kids.


I really cant decide. Alcohol was annoying, the drunk people standing next to me in a 30 minute queue line. They stunk of Vodka and they were falling all over the place, they were annoying me. Smoking is bad, I hate it when smoke gets blown all over your face in a queue line, once the smoke went in my eye and it stung for ages. Also Its effecting everyone around me. Queue jumpers are idiots, they think they are so hard. And they think they can do it again grrr....! Bad language is annoying too, when your having a friendly convo its gets ruined by people swearing in an angry tone of voice behind you, and children could hear and start using the words.

I have decided that I will choose Smoking, its the only one what effects other people.


I dont mind swearing to much, unless its being used all the time for no reason at all. I swear myself alot on rides and sometimes in general, but its not a common thing.

I hate chewing gum stuck on fences in queue lines, thats the thing I hate the most about queue lines, the thought of having somebody else's chewing gum stuck on my shirt.