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Which coaster(s) do you ride first?


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mouse said:
I don't really have a routine, I just go on anything that's near unless it has a huge queue.

Pretty much that.

At certain parks I will go for a certain one first to try and beat crowds, but then just kind of wing it and usually gauge by line.

Youngster Joey

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I usually go to the newest ride/the ride that is most popular/lowest capacity to avoid the super long lines those three things bring.


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If there's a coaster I really want to go on then i'll head for that just to avoid dissapointment if it breaks down later in the day. Other than that I go for the ones which will have the biggest queue.


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Depends where I go really, when it's Thorpe Park it's usually Nemesis Inferno to get things going or if it's somewhere like Alton then I'll just pick a random coaster.


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I usually do whatever is furthest and work back. Either that or whatever I want to at the time. I don't usually have a specific, "I HAVE TO RIDE THIS AT THIS TIME".


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Yeah, like most have said, I tend to try to get in the lowest-capacity or most popular rides first, before the lines get much longer. This is especially true if I'm visiting a park for the first time and want to make sure I ride everything.

If it's Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion, each of which I've been to a bunch of times, I just ride whatever I feel like. At Busch I'll usually start with Loch Ness since it's close to the entrance and the lines are usually short, and at KD I'll usually head over to I305, because quite frankly I'd be happy if I spent a whole day there just riding that. :)


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Depends on the situation. At Alton Towers, I usually start off with Rita during ERT, as there's always a huge queue during the main hours. Other times it's straight onto the big rides. Nothing like a morning ride on Oblivion to blow away the cobwebs!


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I move through the park from the front to the back. I really don't ride coasters based on how good they are or how busy the line is. I'll ride the first one I see and maybe throw in some flat rides on my way to the next one. I make sure that I don't have to come back to a section of the park because I missed something.


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I am only really set in stone in a routine of whivh one I always ride first at two theme parks
At Thorpe, I either ride The Swarm or Colossus first.
At Chessington, I always start with Vampire.


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As others say it depends. For parks which I've been to a lot like Alton Towers, I have a pretty specific order for the day which I normally follow as it makes sense. For parks I've never been to before I usually start with the best coaster and work my way around logically (in terms of least distance). When I went to SFMM I went on Revolution first as there was literally too much choice and it was the first coaster I came to. On reflection heading to the back of the park would have probably been a better decision.


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It's all about queue times. Before I visit the the park I have a list of must ride coasters. I'll ride those during the day based on queue times/ estimated future queue times and if it's economical to walk all the way across the park to get to them.


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Alton is really the only park I normally have a set plan to get around, always starting with Rita and Thirteen before getting on the Sky Ride to Forbidden Valley, loop round back to the entrance before finishing with Oblivion and Spinball (although with the new ride/sky ride opening times, this plan is totally messed up now :?).

Otherwise, I try to go on what I think will have the longest queue first, unless the ride is awful in which case I'd probably do the lowest capacity ride last.


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Hi, first post on these boards but that doesn't mean I have no experience!

It depends entirely on the park I'm visiting. If there's a definitive front and back of the park (like Hersheypark and Cedar Point) I usually end up doing everything in the back, have lunch and then move towards the front as everyone else is moving towards the back. If the park does not have a definitive front and back (like King's Dominion and Great Adventure) I just pick a side and work my way around the park.
Low capacity rides first usually, unless there's a new coaster that has opened, which in that case I'd run there first before the queues get massive.


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If I have some sort of fast passes I will most likely ride the rides in order of how good they are so if anything bad happens (e.g rain, break down) I will have ridden the most important rides first. If I have no fast pass and it is quite a busy day at a park I will start with the back of the park and work my way forwards making sure I do not miss any key attractions


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Whichever have the longest lines I get right when the park opens so I don't have to wait for them. Those are usaully the most popular ride or sometimes the one with the worst capacity.


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Snoo said:
The one I like most/the one that has the lowest capacity.

This.. on top of if I've been to the park before, I go wherever I feel.. and if I'm with people who have never been, I let them choose.


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I don't have too much of a set plan unless the parks really spread out, even then it changes a lot.

Having recently visited Portaventura I just worked my way round via Mediterrania > Far West e.t.c but avoided Furius Baco straight off due to the queue.

Alton Towers has a set plan of Working from Nemesis backwards:

1. Nemesis (ERT till 10am)
2. Air
3. Sub-Terra
and then ith either branches off into:
1a. Duel
2a. Runaway Mine Train
3a. Congo River Rapids
1b. Skyride
2b. Th13teen
3b. Rita

and then again those branch off again either into CCL or X-Sector. I do find myself getting bored if I use the same route all the time so tend to vary it up as much as I can, avoiding queues along the way.

With decent planning you can avoid the long queues anyway while still getting everything in, even on peak days.