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What was your first coaster with an inversion?


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Another for Corkscrew at Cedar Point. I agree it wasn't rough at all in the mid 90s. That or I was just a barely 48" tall kid with rubber for joints.


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Traumatizer at Pleasureland Southport, probably 2001? I thought it was incredible, particularly the footchopper just before the sidewinder.

Took me years before I knew how other coasters could compare to SLCs! On that trip I also experienced Cyclone (RIP) and King Solomon’s Mines (RIP) so I largely assumed all coasters were pretty rough, not to mention my home park was Lightwater Valley...


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Mine was Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood. I remember being so shocked that a coaster could do a "loop dee loop" 3 times. Man was I in for a treat once I became an enthusiast.