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What other hobbies do you have?

Coaster Hipster

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Even though I'm not very knowledgeable about these things, I'm really into visual idents (like TV graphics, titles animation and stuff), particularly typeface design. I really appreciate when a business or other entity succeeds in conveying a distinctive coherent visual presentation. As a child, I was fascinated by the habillage made by Étienne Robial in the 1990s for Canal+, the French main pay-per-view channel.

Admittedly, it has a minimalistic style and hasn't aged particularly well. But it adheres to an impressive but flexible set of rules, which, animated by a lot of creativity, gave Canal+ an iconic look.

Yeah, it's really a dorky/hipster passion. That did help me a little when making the graphics of my own Youtube channel, years later.


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1-Those saying dogs need to include pics or vids!

2-"I'm really into visual idents (like TV graphics, titles animation and stuff),"

I'm quite keen on them too - here are a few UK ones for your enjoyment!

3 - On a similar theme - I'm also into computer graphics demos - there's a whole culture, dating back to the mid 80s for amateur productions- about 2 or 3 competitions a month - mainly in europe

one of the earliest examples (1978)

They have them on most platforms - c64, spectrum (there are stilll demos being made for those), Amiga and ST
I was amazed when I saw this on my ST, back in 1991! (in full overscan - ie no borders on my tv screen!)

and of course PCs - This one from 2007 is still one of the best ever!
and can be downloaded from
(file is <200k, just extract, run and be amazed!)

and as a bonus - some are done on non computers!


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1-Those saying dogs need to include pics or vids!

This guy giving me an excuse to post dog pictures! Our Boxer named Ducky, named for the character from The Land Before Time. She's pretty ****ing awesome.

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Mountain biking which I do a lot of gimbal POV filming while on rides. I also have a photography business on the side which I haven't been doing much with lately. Seen some pretty damn cool shots on here of coasters btw. Specifically the panning shots. Those aren't easy for those who know.

Here's my photography site for those interested specifically the other mountain bikers one here. https://to-vp.com/
No coasters on there just yet though. o_O

Nicky Borrill

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My other hobbies are my beautiful doggos, Keira (golden retriever 2 yrs) and Luna (german shepard puppy (14 weeks))


Then my other love is football, or more specifically Derby County... Yes I am still crying


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I love my 9 month old puppy "A.J." (Ace Junior), although he can be extremely mischievous at times.

For reference, he chewed up his brand-new bed back in February when he was left alone for merely an hour. A.J. was a lot smaller back then, as the picture above was taken just last month (May 2019).


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Assuming " Drinking " doesn't qualify as a hobby.

I am into photography and motor sport, namely stock car racing.

James F

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I'm into filmmaking (directing and producing) and film studies.

I also getting more into music, such as musical theory and exploring music history and different scenes that were and are around.

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Hi all- apologies for bumping this old thread but it seems everyone is getting on with some of their other hobbies while our favourite is unavailable..

I’ve been getting back on my painting/sketching (doing the odd coaster piece here and there!!)... a bit of a shameless plug but I’m putting together an online profile to get some interest for my work- anyone who wants to follow me I’m on insta ‘mundaymuir.art’ ?

Thanks lovely peeps!!

Nicky Borrill

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Has this become the "What have you been up to while locked down" thread then?

I've been...

Gardening... More than I ever imagined I would, I'm brown!!!
Playing PC games... Planet Coaster, and I've been really enjoying the Valorant Beta too.
Cooking... Fallen back in love with cooking. Used to enjoy it, had to cover our commercial kitchen whilst we were between chefs, put me off for a long time, enjoying it again.
Binge watching box sets... Gangs of London, Ozark, Unorthodox, Tiger King, You, The Stranger... all Complete ? Several other older shows done, or underway, too.
Reading, Researching and Learning... Anything and everything...


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I love to write and am currently working on a story.

I also work in the Film and Television industry and have had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects.

Big sports fan although I have enjoyed the break from them during the pandemic.


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I also work in the Film and Television industry and have had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects.
Cool, i'm actually finishing my studyies to work in this industry.
my main field is sound, both as a sound mixer and sound engineer

hopfully i'll be able to find a job in this field in the near future


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My username is based on my other hobby, the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Mounted Shooting is a timed event where you are shooting 10 balloons using a pair of single action revolvers from the back of a galloping horse. It is a combination of Barrel Racing and Cowboy Action Shooting. Here is a link to a video explaining it. What is CMSA? Find out by watching this video!