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What is worst coaster ever?


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Worst roller coaster I think I've ever ridden is the Pinfari looping coaster in Brean.
Needless to say that I won't be riding it again upon next visit.


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There was one cred at some point that I rode and it was so bad that I nearly gave up riding creds, I honestly thought that was it for me as the experience was so bad.
Typically I can't remember what it is right now, but will edit it when I remember. So that one.

Others that were horrendous;
Mean Streak (RIP)

Oh **** yeah, that was it - Nighthawk - **** you you piece of **** ?⚰?


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Can’t think of a specific wooden one that stands out as horrific but the worst / roughest coaster I’ve endured overall would have to be the Turbo on Brighton Pier. Only Pinfari Zyklon I’ve ever been on and probably the last one I’ll be tempted by in a hurry. I thought I quite liked rides that were a bit rough and ready but the discomfort outweighed the fun on this one. Overpriced as anything too (but then that’s Brighton). Nice view of the sea at the top of the lift hill though.


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For woodies, I didn't like Canada's Wonderland offerings. Both Mine Buster and Ghoster Coaster smashed my spine to pieces. As for steel, Green Lantern SFMM, Furious Baco and Time Warp all feature on my "never again" lists


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I went on Turbo a couple of weekends ago, was a load better than expected. Still got a head bump but that was the only instance. Also somewhat enjoyed the nerves Nighhawk gave me and it wasn't too bad (Fire Hawk was better) - perhaps not for scardey cats. I also genuinely love Baco, but its so silly, themed to wine and there is a bar near by. It is possible to have good rides on SLCs, but not all of them and not all the time.

That said I do not enjoy every rough ride.

Bandit at Movie Park Germany was laughably bad, neither Hurler was any fun and didn't have a good ride on the Boss. Wooden coasters that don't stand the test of time are a common trend here, its a shame I missed out on most of the pre RMCed rides to see how bad they can really get. I will still re ride those I can as time can change a ride for the better, or even just a reprised perspective.

Every Volare ever and the really old Stand up B&Ms are gross. Will not be reriding those in a hurry
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The Villain at Geauga Lake.

Full stop. End of discussion.

Oh ****, I was gunna say that one!

Tis true though, it was the worst experience I've personally had on a coaster. It was also the only time I had legit fear on a ride. Not of the experience but like, actual concern for my body and the structure.
At first I thought it was just neglected (this was the park's last year of operations) but Snoo confirms it was always s**t


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Wilde Beast at Canada's Wonderland was AWFUL when I went earlier this year. I was on a time crunch, and the park was decently busy, so I ended up not getting the time to ride the volare nor the SLC. Kiddy Hawk at Carowinds is really bad too.

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I ****ing can’t stamd doodoogarou at cedar point and it’s worse then corkscrew because after 40 ish years of operation of course it’s gonna be rough but doodoogarou is modern and it’s a b and m and it’s ****!!!

Thunderbolt at Coney Island. Awful, awful ride.
Can’t argue with that it truly is terrible and has thighcrush restraints

Pretty close between Condor at Walibi Holland and Hero* at Flamingo Land for me.

*Hero is the only Volare I've ridden, so maybe it's just Volares in general.
hate the Coney Island one so if hero is just as terrible as it sounds it’s all volates