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What is the wettest water ride you've ever been on?

Joe Holmes

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Id agree that Valhalla is definitely one of the wettest water rides.

however after recently coming back from PortAventura and filling Silver River Flume's boat with 5 full grown adults, i found that the water likes to come over the front of the boat and soak whoever is at the front... twice. That just so happened to be me, was pretty fun walking around with soaked shoes all day....


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Pretty much any of the Happy Valley or Fantawild splashboat things. They have a massive splashdown which just dumps right onto/into the boat, and if that's not enough there are usually water canons during the very slow meander back to the station.

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It's definitely more of a random chance ride, but when I last rode Thunder Canyon at Cedar Point, it seemed like I got hit my every single waterfall.

I also remember Dudley Do-Right getting me decently wet.


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It would have to be Vonkaputous (rip) which was as at Linnanmäki in Finland. It got removed after constant downtime to make way for Taiga, but it was at the edge of the park and the splashdown directly bordered a public road/park so they installed a big ol plexiglass wall so if the splash itself wasn't wet enough, the splash would get bounced back right onto the trains by the big plexiglass wall, aforementioned wall seen here.
Totally forgot about this one! Definitely one of the wettest rides I've been on as well!


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That stupid submarine ride at Movieland Park in Italy.
Oh, I'd forgotten about that thing.

It's not just the submarine part either, the opening sequence before you go down into the submarine was pretty mental as well. Normally, when you have one of those storyline "oh crap, something bad is happening, you need to move on to the next area" moments, I struggle with the suspension of disbelief, and even when actors are present, I'm usually pretty indifferent to what's going on. It never usually feels all that urgent, no matter how much it's hyped up. It's amazing how a few underwater "explosions" throwing big jets of water all over the dock area where you're standing can suddenly make you really keen to get below decks as quickly as possible.

Then the submarine happens, and you find yourself questioning your life decisions.

That said, I'm fairly certain I've had wetter rides on Valhalla.


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I've never been anything but soaked to the skin from head to toe after riding Tidal Wave. I'd go on most water rides regardless of the weather but I can't bring myself to ride TW when it isn't boiling hot, would feel like pneumonia waiting to happen.

Haven't been on Valhalla yet though.
I forgot to do some honourable mentions, as well as Tidal Wave and Valhalla. I also got VERY wet on river quest, I mean absoloutely soaked, but nobody else in my boat was anywhere near as wet :( Liseberg’s log flume was good, but nothing compared to nightmare niagra at American Adventure. AA’s Rapids were an absoloute soaker too, in the early years, when all of the water jets / fountains worked, and the flow was running at max. I got absoloutely drenched on Tutuki Splash at PA, but only on my front row ride, the rest were a bit meh.

Tidal Wave was amazing, I got soaked. Not sure if it’s wetter than Valhalla though.

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My only issue with classing Valhalla as ‘the wettest’ is that I have ridden it so many times, and stayed mostly dry, except for from the shin downwards, which always gets soaked. Having nothing but wet shoes and feet is not a nice experience, and is more attributable to the boats getting flooded and holding too much water than anything else. I have had rides on it where I’ve come off soaked head to toe, and on those rides, it was probably the wettest I’ve ever been on.
Pretty surprised by the number of votes for Valhalla to be honest. It's one of the wettest in the UK for sure, but I find that's pretty reliant on the hammers being turned on. Stormforce 10 is easily the wetter ride purely from the backwards drop on the back row. Love getting drenched with dirty lake water on that one. Lost River (FL) and Drenched I don't remember being too horrific, but i've only done both rides once. Tidal Wave yeah that's a soaker but not as bad as Valhalla or back row Stormforce.

Florida wise, barely got even a light dusting on Kali and Splash. Universal however... dear god... Somehow managed to stay dry on River Adventure, but Popeye was brutal. Easily the wettest ride i've ever gone on due to the constant barrage of really intense water effects. Dudley Do Rights was close behind, I think it's the second small drop that really catches you off guard and fills the boat.

1. Popeye's & Bluto's Blige Rat Barges
2. Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls
3. Stormforce 10 (Backrow)
4. Valhalla
5. Tidal Wave
6. Stormforce 10 (Normal)
7. Lost River
8. Drenched/Jurassic River Adventure


Popeye in Universal is like being dragged through a warm bath, there's a few rapids in the US (Magic Mountain and BGT come to mind) where it feels like the boats just fill up with water eat the start.

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Another vote for River Quest here. I don't think I'm ever going to re-ride that thing as it either has a massive queue (which is honestly not that worth it, considering what else there is in the park) or is too cold for a proper soaking (as was the case the time I did actually ride it).

Also Flume Ride in E-DA Theme Park. That was absolutely drenching as well. The rides in Window on China seemed pretty wet as well and I elected to skip them as it was getting rather late by the time I got to that park...


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Another vote for River Quest here.
I suppose that deserves an honourable mention, if only because it's so awesome. I absolutely adore that ride. It doesn't consistently soak everyone, and I've ridden far wetter rides, but it's probably one of the most entertaining water rides on the planet.

Lost River (FL)
Oh, that's suddenly brought back some repressed memories. Not of Lost River, but of its close neighbour. Ladies and Gentlemen, for your consideration, the wettest ride I've ever experienced in my 12 years as an enthusiast: The Flamingo Land Splash Battle. Also known as "let's repeatedly pour unreasonable amounts of water over you - the ride". I don't think I had a dry spot of clothing after riding, and that is no exaggeration.


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River Quest can absolutely drench you from head to toe but it's rare. I haven't personally experienced it but my best friend did, so funny.

Bilge Rat is definitely up there, it was the first thing that came to mind.

Valhalla too, Valhalla is probably the most guaranteed soak of the three, but not the worst, the other two can drench you to the bone.


Roaring Rapids at SFMM for me. We were basically underwater for most of the ride. Had been expecting UK rapids levels of splashing and we were wrong!