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What is keeping you on forums in the social media age?


Strata Poster
Late to the conversation, but kinda backs up my point.

I'm not as active on forums as I'd like to be in fairness. But their organisation and very nature means that you can follow conversations, news and discussions, and contribute when you want/can. Social media is very much "here and now", and rarely goes beyond a day or two of conversation.

Social media has it's place - I enjoy the fun tweets I see sometimes, for example. But then it can be too intense, or cheap jokes where people aren't interested in actually understanding what's going on.

Social media has its breaking news, or posting of videos, but I'd much rather come to a forum, see a simple (or in depth!) written breakdown of what's happening, plus people's opinions. Social media has fallen into the 'me me me' and 'overly positive' trap, as others have said, and it's just tiring.