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What country have you ridden the most coasters in?


This seems like a wonderful time for a pie chart...
Good idea
Organised clockwise in order of when I first rode a coaster in that country.

Germany and Spain are my equal top foreign countries, Germany will go well clear later this year if all goes to plan.

USA clearly letting me down, I have plans to make a proper start on American parks over the next few years.


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I didn't have the numbers to hand at home - I keep a record on my work computer and we've been off for Easter - so this bragging list is later than I'd have liked. Have a top 10:

1. China - 401 (25.7%)
2. USA - 345 (22.1%)
3. UK - 137 (8.8%)
4. Japan - 118 (7.6%)
5. Germany - 71 (4.6%)
6. South Korea - 39 (2.5%)
7. India - 30 (1.9%)
8. Mexico - 29 (1.9%)
9. Netherlands - 28 (1.8%)
10 UAE - 27 (1.7%)

Not surprised to see China at the top, but I didn't think it would make up more than a quarter of my total. That's going to be even higher by the summer.

India and Mexico are the surprises of the list, though thinking back I guess I crammed a lot into those trips. I was also surprised to see that countries with less than 2% of the total count could make it into the top ten.

Out of 46 countries, the joint bottoms, with 1 cred each, are Bulgaria, Ireland, Morocco, Switzerland and Ukraine.


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Only been on about 10 coasters outside the US so around 3% of my total? :D


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No real surprise here...

United Kingdom 202 38.85%
Germany 59 11.35%
France 45 8.65%
Denmark 34 6.54%
Netherlands 25 4.81%
Spain 25 4.81%
Canada 25 4.81%
Belgium 24 4.62%
Poland 16 3.08%
Australia 15 2.88%
Italy 15 2.88%
Sweden 14 2.69%
Austria 13 2.50%
Finland 8 1.54%


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haven't got my database on me, but a quick calculation and look at rcdb and I think UK is just above USA on my list (120ish each), followed by Germany (about 80), France (about 50), with the Netherlands in 5th at about 30. The UAE(*) and a handful of other european countries weigh in with around 20 each. Bottom of the list are norway (10ish) and ireland(1)

Only number I'm absolutely sure of is Ireland's 1! (Cu culainn)

(*) Note that I'm not saying the UAE is a European country, before you ask!!