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What are you listening to now?


Roller Poster
I love pop music and Michael Jackson's is my favorite singer. Right now I am listening "Black or White" by Micheal Jackson."Black or White" became the second biggest hit single of Michael Jackson's career.


Giga Poster
Sultans of Swing :) . Possibly my favourite song of all time. In the Netherlands we can vote for a top 2000, and then that plays 24/7 on the radio from the day after christmas till new year's eve. We're at #27 now (so that's Sultans of Swing). #1 is Hotel California from the Eagles.


Hyper Poster
^ I remember when I was young, I use to like this one when they used it for the SixFlags commercials. I heard it on TV and just stuck. :lol:

SebastiAn - Walkman (Re-Edit)

If you like electro, listen to this.