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I was hoping to update this topic but my Dutch is a bit too rusty to completely understand what's going on.
In the court settlement AWW had to pay another €22 million to Imtech, which secured the mortgage rights on the ground where the park would be built. That land will be auctioned off in this month and the proceeds will go to the creditors of AWW. However Peter Jan Mulder, the Dutch owner of AWW, says that there is a plan in place with a building permit that is valid for two years. So is he going to bid on the land? "That park is coming. No matter what," he said in this article: http://www.nrcq.nl/2014/09/06/het-land-waar-imtech-zich-aan-vertilde
It's been 30 years since I lived in Amsterdam, so hopefully someone whose Dutch isn't as rusty as mine can tell us if I'm understanding this correctly or not.


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Not doubting you, but do you have a source @mesjarch? Thanks for the update. :)

I'll unsticky anyway though, as the topic has been dead for nearly four years!