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Warner Brothers World | Abu Dhabi | Indoor Theme Park

Matt N

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Wonder what sort of spinner Tom & Jerry's Swiss Cheese Spin is? Looks like a Zamperla from the cars, but you can't be too sure. Also, is that a Scooby Doo themed trackless dark ride I see? Along with a DC themed shooter that looks bizarrely like a DC themed version of Battle for Ultron at IMG Worlds of Adventure?


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The only thing I'm not massively ecstatic about is the lighting in the cartoon area - I understand that they've tried to hide the lighting within the clouds etc. But, I can't help but feel painting the roof a sky blue colour would've drastically changed the overall look and completely finished that idea off?


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It all looks amazing, looking forward to visiting in September.

I can't quite get my head around what I'm looking at in this picture though...



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^Only thing I can think it's a kind of powered Pteranodon Flyers coaster that climbs that hill but it becomes very steep after that platform? Has to be going up that hill though or those transitions are going to cause some real pain :)

This park looks great though, love the themeing throughout.


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Looks like one of those high ropes courses on a rail? Similar to the one at Shanghai Disney.