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Warner Bros Movie World | Various New Vekomas & relocated Intamin | 2024


Roller Poster
Walibi Holland also got 4 new ones in 2000, but one can argue that before that time it was only a small themepark unlike Warner Bros right now


Giga Poster
Geauga Lake/Six Flags Worlds of Adventure also added four coasters in 2000, and then a fifth coaster the year after. That was when Premier Parks went absolutely bananas with their properties, though.


Strata Poster
Much needed - aside from DC Rivals, I remember describing that place as being home to the unholy trinity of awful ride types.

As at 2018 - the weakest of the Gold Coast parks.


Giga Poster
Not sure if I've missed it or not but any of these models already exist? Any POV's?
The dueling coaster is a clone of Tweestryd: Info

And while i dont see it fall into a pre existing model on RCDB the suspended coaster looks like the 453m version Aka Orkanen / Dragonflier: Info

I dont think the park have done any full animated POVs yet.