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[Walibi Belgium] Halloween 2019

Nel Iglesias

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Ugh...I think this is what Halloween in Walibi Belgium is about. They always have to go that little bit over the top. As they did with Project Z by making you crawl through some scenes, or did get you out of your comfortzone. I heard some other reviews from other fans that they often almost left the house...

Can't wait to try it myself on November 3d!
Well the second day I went to the themepark again with fans from Instagram who I invited in the name of fan Club Walibi to try out Silent Jill. Fan Club Walibi bought the ticket to the house for that fan to try it out with me. His friends wanted to visit it too so they joined us! They were all really scared, one nearly fainted, the other one cried, and the boy who we bought the ticket for had a MAJOR panic attack where I needed to calm him down because he started to hyperventilate. Two of the friends peed a little because of the jumpscares. But they told me they would 100% do it again!

I also tried making their day unforgetable by making them meet Aaron Crow in person and be able to take pictures with him. (I really loved seeing their faces shine out of happiness).

Let's say that Halloween is always a nice time to meet new people and make new friends!!! :D

Kristof, make sure to go to the toilet first! My visit lasted 1 hour long!!!!


I did Silent Jill (I'm not going to spoil ANYTHING major! sorry guys)

So we all needed to gather at the bloodbar to "prepare" ourselves for Slient Jill. There we needed to take off our bags, shoes and coats for the haunted house. They also asked for our phones and put them in a safe place. We got rubbery boots that go up to above our knee (like Ariana Grande her boots lmao). We got asked to go on our knees and they all handcuffed us to a metal chain. Then we left the bloodbar and all had to do the "walk of shame"! We walked in the themepark where every visitor could see us. Once arrived at the haunted house they took off our handcuffs and we all entered in little groups of 2/4 people.

Storyline: Silent Jill's soul has been captured in this haunted and abandoned house. The only way out is to save her soul by calling out the demon present in the house. Don't be fooled, because the demon is following you during your whole visit and might make you do things you don't want to! 😈 Will you survive this demon? Will you save Silent Jill and help her out!? There's only ONE way to find out! ;-)

The experience overall was scary and filled with screams.
The whole house is based on nearly every phobia that excists. At some point I nearly cried (and I never cry in haunted houses). It was REALLY beautifully made, the overall design of the house is completely different from the inside. They really had to break walls inside the house and so much more! There's also a part that is JUST like the haunted house of Walibi Holland called "BELOW". That part had us shaking too!

The best way to experience this is by trying it out! People who hate spiders, snakes and other insects really need to stay out of this house, unless you're ready to face your biggest fears!
Uhmmm hahahah. Did they add real animals? :eek:

And a one hour visit? Is it for everybody? Or only because you know them? :)


So read some reviews at other sites.
Heard that Amun and Nagulai are pretty and impressive, but not that scary (people rate the scarefactor below Mine Blast or Quarantaine, which are 3 stars).
Anyone else ha input on this, or other experiences? @Nel Iglesias


So read some reviews at other sites.
Heard that Amun and Nagulai are pretty and impressive, but not that scary (people rate the scarefactor below Mine Blast or Quarantaine, which are 3 stars).
Anyone else ha input on this, or other experiences? @Nel Iglesias
For Amun and Nagulai, the park wanted to create something different than their other haunted house. Rather focus on scenery, music and theming, instead of the traditional blood and gore.

I'll be at the park sunday...pretty curious about this year's edition!


So I went yesterday with a RIP pass and a after five ticket (entered at 6). My toughts (in order of experiencing them)
Actors in Metamorphobia were doing nothing except for making eye contact sometimes. I counted 4 actors.
I counted 2 actors in the circus, also doing nothing, except for one guy chasing a girl with a chainsaw.
I counted 3 actors in District H, once again only making eye contact, but nothing more.

- Then we went to do mineblast. Comparing to my experience last year it was way better, there were more actors and the scares came more unexpected (for example. You would expect a guy sitting behind the corner, then he is not there and pops out of another corner). I hope they will keep this house for a while, as I think it is a basic, yet solid house. (7/10)

Tiki Waka zone I counted one actor jumping out of the bushes once in a while.

- Quarantine was decent, knowing that it had quiet a queue, they made sure not too many people would go through at the same time. Mainly roaming actors and not that many jumpscares. Thought last year was a bit better though (more actor interaction) (7/10 because it is a free house)

- Curse of Amun. Started off quiet decently, where they tried to get some kind of storyline going, decorations were quiet okay, but actors were just being lame. Just staring at you and following the group. Then they were letting too many people through, because we were in some kind of traffic jam, ruining some of the aspects of the house. Also, what a waste of space is the big room. They have 2 actors there where they had plenty of options to put more of them hidden. (4/10)

- Bloc H was good. Last year there was a lack of actors on my run, now they had plenty. Solid house this year (8/10)

Indian scare zone I can be short... there was none. 0 actors, 0 extra decorations.

- Nagulai. What a waste of Lumberjack. Lumberjack was such a solid and long house with some good scenes. Nagulai only had the length. No story telling, no scenes. A lot of open spaces ruining all the atmosphere. Level 5 scares? I would say Level 2 scares. They let us in with 3, but held up the previous group which made us walking in a group of 14 people, which also did not help. (3/10)

Overall the park was okay. Operations had some issues, but could fix those fairly quick. Some of the lighting was brilliant (for example the Pulsar splash at night) where at other places the attractions could use more light.
Overall Scare zones were bad, houses were 50/50.


I went to Walibi Belgium yesterday and had a total different experience than you did.

It was a pretty busy day, but for some reason, we were like alone in almost every maze. Except for Bloc H.

The Curse Amun was our first maze. We entered the maze with another guy and that was about it. There were not that many actors, there you were right. But the ones who were there were moving around the whole maze constantly. Loved the ugly guy in the museum office and the freaky looking mummies. Theming was just incredible. So much details...loved it!

Nagulai was also stunning. This house was pretty long and again incredibly themed. Not much scares, but a very surreal and dark atmosphere thanks to the very scary music and strategically placed actors.

Mine Blast...just like it was the years before. Pretty long, some great scares but well, it's old. Don't think this one will not return next year. Still have a soft spot for this one.

Biggest surprise this year was Bloc H. Did it the first time two years ago and thougt it was 'blah'. This year, I really loved it. It is long, it is loud, it is chaotic, lots of actors touching you, hitting you with a whip, lock people in cells, yell, scream,...

Didn't do Silent Jill because of the long lines, but I have been told it will return next year!