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Visiting parks with non-enthusiasts


Yeah, I know a guy who absolutely hates Steel Vengeance, he thought it threw him out of his seat too much.
Same here, but it was because it was too whippy and jolty, which I can understand; it really is quite jolty and snappy, especially in the back, but that doesn't affect my thoughts on the ride.


Haha, I remember seeing a video that was like "We flew out of our seats before the lady did on the New Texas Giant!" and all the video is was these people experiencing airtime for the first time.


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As someone who lives a 6 hour drive from the closest park (BPB) it’s pretty difficult to persuade non-enthusiasts to travel hundreds of miles to “just ride coasters”.
Recently did a PA trip with GP mates, one of which said, and I quote “I hate the weightlessness on Shambhala, it would be better with over the shoulder restraints”. I definitely had to bite my tongue.
I’ve started doing trips alone now or meeting fellow enthusiasts rather than trying to force GP mates into trips.


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I enjoy going to parks with non-enthusiasts because it tempers me from going into full-on geek mode, haha.

Well, it should, anyway. ;)

As far as a particularly great non-enthusiast experience, I'd say riding Intimidator 305 with my wife. When we hit the brakes, she demanded I turn over my phone as soon as we got off the ride so she could call my parents on me. She told them that if they ever doubted the love she had for their son, the fact that she was willing to ride that with me should dispense with any of said concerns. Bless her heart.

Yunho Kim

I enjoy going to parks with non-enthusiasts, too. Usually goes to my home park with GP friends who don't know what B&M is and worries about an accident on the B&M invert.
He even said Intamin woodie needs OTSRs.
Me riding first and wait another 30 minutes and pushing them to big coasters and looking at their responses is always fun.

One day, I tried to push my GP friend to B&M dive coaster. In the 3rd ride, he tried to run away with trying to enter the place that has a "No Entry" sign. In the 4th ride, he only wants to ride in row 2.(floorless dive coaster has floor in row 2) and he was overwhelmed by the ride, and looking at that is always fun for me.