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USJ | Flying Dinosaur | B&M Flying Coaster


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Not a screen fault. Opening day was posted at 12 hours!

However it might be slightly exaggerated by the park to keep people from joining what is clearly a stupidly long queue?

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That's just absolutely stupid, I don't understand what is going through someone's head when they think, yeah I'll queue 10 hours for a 2 minute experience...

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peep said:
Not a screen fault. Opening day was posted at 12 hours!

Yeah, this video here at the end shows the sign saying 720 minutes, singles line closed (720 = 12 hours) Uh, damn...


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Re: USJ | Flying Dinosaur | B&M Flying Coaster

Longest line on a coaster to date? Probably.

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The thing is though, I kind of don't believe it?

There's no way the line in that video is twelve hours long, like, I know Japan is CRAZY but, I just don't buy it.

I think it's more like, 3/4 and they're just putting people off.


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Yeah, I've seen other parks do that sort of thing.. to either discourage people from getting in line.. or sadly, encourage people to buy fastpass/express/quickqueue or what have you.

Like when I went to Great Adventure once and on Batman they weren't using ANY of the hidden queue so the line *looked* like it was past the 2 hour marker sign... yet it was barely 20 minutes. Oh, and the sign said.. Why wait, buy a FLASHPASS!!

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This is like ancient, but I've just seen it and I really enjoyed watching it.

I'm not keen on the station building though, but w/e.

I don't know if its just temporary, but the queue area seems nightmarish.


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I've only just realised that the trains look like a Disney Buzz Lightyear themed flyer and now I think of it, it needs to happen.