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Universal Studios Orlando - Bourne Stuntacular (T2 Replacement)


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Not sure its really deserving of a new thread (but if I post it in the "Small News..." thread then someone else will only go and post it as a new thread anyway and we'll all be back in the same place....) - but Universal have announced the T2 replacement in Florida...

Universal said:
All-New Live-Action Stunt Show The Bourne Stuntacular Coming to Universal Studios Florida


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You say that, but I think this is actually them replacing a screen ride with a live action experience!
But T2-3D was a live action experience... with a 3D screen behind it, sure, but with live actors doing stunts, motion seats, physical effects, pyrotechnics etc...
This sounds remarkably similar to me, more of an extensive re-theme than a brand new ride experience.
Still, should be good, the whole T2 theme was very 90's and needed modernising anyway, but there was nowt wrong with the hardware, still a high quality attraction.


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Didn't they JUST announce a new Terminator movie coming out next year? Couldn't they have rethemed the ride to the later installments of the series (are they even good/is the appeal there for it even?). They could have just made this a new thing in the Studio side, but I am unsure of how much land they have to expand it (if any).

Still, interesting to see what they do with it, which movie they would base it off of (the good earlier Identity, or the later 2 or 3), if this could possibly be a hint in us getting more in the Bourne series as a whole.

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For those unaware there's a new TV show set in the Jason Bourne franchise which started to air yesterday, hence the announcement from the park.

I still miss T2:3D, was just an excellent use of 3D effects and the in-room effects were awesome. Really intrigued to see how this one turns out, they extended the theatre at the back and have been working on the interior since T2:3D closed its doors (which feels like forever ago).

I also feel the popularity of the IP doesn't really matter when it comes to Universal stunt shows, Waterworld is still the best one out there and lots of people don't care or like that IP.
with live performers, interactive props and an immense LED screen
I think it's safe to say that a giant telly screen won't be nearly as spectacular as the six 70mm film projectors they used on T2.


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Didn't they JUST announce a new Terminator movie coming out next year? Couldn't they have rethemed the ride to the later installments of the series (are they even good/is the appeal there for it even?).
As a Terminator fan, no. The first installment is a bit dated but still a classic and the second installment (based on the ride) is still considered one of the best action movies of all time.

There have been three installments so far with mixed reviews at best and the newest installment coming out this year looks just as bad as 3, 4 and 5.

But I don't want to turn this into a debate about the franchise, I'll shut up and let you guys discuss the new ride.


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Few days old now, but technical rehearsals etc;

The mixing of the screens and the practical effects is really very clever and well done....


(and I know its just a soft-opening kinda thing and watching a dubious you tube fan-cam thing is hardly representative)

Snooze-fest (to me).

Bring back T2. :(
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Couldn't have said it better, Dave.

Quality of the production is brilliant, effects are so good, I actually couldn't sometimes work out what's physical and virtual, the audio-synched choreography is astounding...

It's just a shame the IP is dog **** and just really dull. The great emotional rollercoaster of T3 is no more, the comedy and fun bits of the show have gone in exchange for awful scripting. I don't even know if I'd bother wasting my time with it..?

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I must admit I’m not really into shows at theme parks myself, but if you judge this in terms of the actual set design and effects, then I think it looks like a fantastic show!

This is also as someone who has never seen anything to do with the Bourne franchise.