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Universal Studios Florida | Diagon Alley


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'copter tour over the site - all looks pretty big to me!



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I love how they have completely hidden the alley, I wonder if they have incorporated the brick wall that conceals the alley somewhere..

It does however look quite narrow and we know how busy this area is going to be, I guess they will have to limit the amount of people entering the area for quite a while after opening which may be difficult with the trains arriving.

Still this is going to be absolutely fantastic it all looks incredible.


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^The trains could actually be used to control, to some extent, the numbers entering the area. They could control dispatch times.

I'm not saying they will, but it's definitely a tool at their disposal.


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The area looks narrow but it is long. It runs the length of the park from Earthquake to the Wild West Stunt Show. Walked by it the other day with walks down, looks great in person.


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Was hoping to get to see more than just the outside with going to the tonight show, but my girlfriend has a powerpass and was blocked out so it was nice to at least get in and see the outside during the blackout dates, looks amazing in person


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Diagon Alley will open on 8th July.

Today there have been many Harry Potter stars at the park, Tom Felton, Robbie Coltrane, Helena Bonham Carter, the Phelp twins, (Malfoy, Hagrid, Bellatrix Lestrange, the Weasley Twins) giving it the one over and saying how fantastic it is and how brilliant it will be for fans. I think JK Rowling herself was there last week or something.

They haven't said anything specifically about the Gringotts Coater


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I'm surprised that they aren't going to have it up for fourth of July weekend. Seems like a huge miss.


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^ Thanks for posting that, great to finally see the layout! Shame I won't be riding it until 2016 :(

This ride looks truly incredible, and that's just from the videos I've seen. Seriously can't wait to ride it!


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Ugggggh it's really tempting to watch but I want to be surprised when I go in the next couple of weeks, such a goon dilemma. </3


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In Diagon Alley and it is so impressive. If you get here for Park opening you can virtually walk straight in to the area. There are people directing you to the coaster which we are currently in the queue for. It has a 210 minute queue and is currently broken down. Yay. As for Diagon Alley it is amazing. The attention to detail is outstanding. I'll post pictures later for you but it is so much like the films and in a way, London. I'm loving this. Even ATTACKHAMMER who doesn't like Harry Potter admits it's exceptional.

EDIT: We passed the 'queue' to get into Diagon Alley twice in the afternoon today and there was no queue at all and the park was absolutely heaving so I'd probably say they've stopped making people queue outside the ride area. The coaster also died down. We waited 3.5 hours, by 14:00, it was 2 hours.