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Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021

Matt N

CF Legend
To be fair, I can understand the skepticism, especially if one has never experienced an inverting coaster with lap bars before.

This is the first coaster in Florida to really have restraints of this style and invert; I guess Mine Blower inverts with lap bars, but that is a little more off the beaten track in comparison to the more touristy parks in Florida, and it’s a lot smaller in scale, so in terms of your average tourist visiting Universal Orlando, they will probably have never experienced anything with restraints like this before. Hopefully, Velocicoaster will introduce this concept to a new market and prove that it is perfectly safe to invert riders with only a lap bar.

But even if they have ridden an inverting coaster with lap bars before, I guess some people just prefer extra security on a ride!

Personally, however, I love that this ride has lap bars! Restraints of a similar style work really well on Icon, so I look forward to seeing how they work on Velocicoaster!


Mega Poster
I'm double about the trains. I can see that they look good.
But to my opinion, they look better in Tron or GotG, rather than in a Jurassic setting.
So many lights and bling bling. It's a TeslaCoaster, like a new super car or something.


Strata Poster
Considering the height difference between the top hat and the last series of elements, it does seem a little slower than I expected. However, it does seem to flow very nicely, and it'll be fantastic to watch off ride. Plus, get a full train of riders on that and it'll run even better.

But back row on the top hat? Gives the impression you might not make it all the way, then BAM big pop of airtime going down.


Hyper Poster
Have you ridden it in the afternoon or at night? Also it has been running better and better the last couple of years.
Taron ran great for a couple of weeks, until the wheels had issues due to the summer heat. Nowadays it is a world class crowd pleaser, and a great Family-Thrill coaster, but nothing more. I‘ve been on it with someone I met in Helsinki this year, and he agreed, that Taiga is a far superior ride.

Velocicoaster looks to me to be somewhat in between. The speed looks decent, and the elements will likely deliver a good pop of airtime here and there, but I don’t think it will be as intense as some people are hoping here. However, I have to say that the location makes it a really good looking ride, and I can see myself wasting an hour just looking at this beauty.