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Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021


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You would think that JK would have shot it down for noise pollution.
I was wondering this a bit too, but given that the track will undoubtedly be sand-filled for noise dampening, and that the Rose Bowl-ish helix is at the end when speed will be low; I wouldn't be surprised if the ride was pretty quiet at this portion. Consider Hagrid's right across the way - the loudest noise it emits is the artificial motorbike noise (which is fabulous).


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I see his point though. I'll get hated for this but it does look like a glorified Rita, as someone once said.
I think you are misremembering the statement I often like to make: Taron is a glorious Rita. They both feature a launch (two, in Taron's case), some twisting hills, and no inversions, while having roughly the same footprint. But Rita was designed back when the only important thing about a launch coaster was the launch itself, and the rest of the layout was merely a detour to shed some speed on the way back to the station. By the time Taron was designed, the focus of such coasters shifted into the layout itself, with the launch being merely a way to get up to speed. Rita effectively ends after the launch, but in Taron's case that's where the fun begins.

Taron and Rita do the same things, when you boil it down to the most basic elements, but Taron pulls everything off a hundred times better. It is an evolution of the concept, and gloriously so. So in other words, Alton and Heide should look into a like-for-like-ish replacement of those rides ASAP.


But Rita was designed back when the only important thing about a launch coaster was the launch itself, and the rest of the layout was merely a detour to shed some speed on the way back to the station.
Yeah, because Dragster and Storm Runner were totally just about the launch *rolls eyes*


Those turns after the stall do nothing for me I'm sorry. Hopefully, they will provide some decent positives at least.
You know you don't have to post a short comment every time there's some news or a construction photo? Less is more in terms of post quality. I know you do post longer, more thought out posts elsewhere on the forum and I want to see more.

I do somewhat agree with you, I'm sure those turns won't be a standout part of the ride but this is an exciting photo because of what seeing huge Intamin track at IoA represents. The park hasn't built a thrill coaster since it opened in 1999 so following the construction of an Intamin Blitz (one of the more sought after coaster models) in such an iconic park will be great. With the way it's positioned on the lake and many of the sightlines this is going to make such a big impact on IoA.

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I don’t know why, but that particular shot reminds me an awful lot of Taron! Maybe it’s the huge spaghetti bowl of turns?

As for the coaster, I think it looks absolutely stunning! If I get to ride this in 2021, Icon really will have some tough competition for the title of my favourite launch coaster!

In fact, controversial as it might be, I think I’m potentially more excited for this than I am for Iron Gwazi, and that is no mean feat as I drool over that every time a new update is posted! The layout just looks wonderfully paced and to have such a wide variety of elements on offer; Intamin have really hit the ground running with their Blitz Coasters now, and I think rides like this and Pantheon evidence that!

And on a park level, I think this will be an excellent addition! Islands of Adventure was already my favourite theme park, but the only thing it was missing for me was a coaster that I really love. It has dark rides I love, it has water rides I love, but when I last went in 2016, I didn’t really love any of the park’s coasters; the two sides of Dragon Challenge were my two least favourite B&Ms, and while I liked Hulk, I didn’t really love it. I’m hoping that I really love Velocicoaster, and along with the phenomenal-looking Hagrid’s, the park’s coaster lineup looks to have really improved since I last visited!


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If you've ridden a coaster like Taron you'd know some of the best parts are on the overbanks when the positive forces are so strong and sustained that it can be hard to keep your hands up. Mix that with a sudden pop of airtime and you've got a winner in my books.