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TusenFryd | Storm | Gerstlauer Invert | 2023


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Also, "The Dungeon" appears to repurpose the building that used to house Nightmare, the 4D theatre shooter ride. It was never *that* popular with guests and seen as a one-and-done ride. Funnily enough, the park used to have a haunted house attraction in the same building before Nightmare was built. I guess they are reverting to the roots with this one, in an even cheaper fashion.

I seem to recall that they planned to relocate the Bumper Cars to the Nightmare castle, though, and refurbish the facade to look like an old-timey fire station. I guess there was no room for that in the budget after all?
The Dungeon is going in just above Sky Coaster in the building they used for Forbannelsen a few years ago. The kids Bumper Cars are going into Nightmare.


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Looks like they will be getting a small SBF Visa spinner! I saw something about it earlier (on Facebook, maybe?) but could not verify it so I decided not to post. From the looks of the concept art, it will be placed near the top of the park, straight ahead from the entrance.

With the new coaster for Hunderfossen too, this year will be quite a coaster year by Norwegian standards. A whooping two new kiddy coasters!

Also, here is the link to the press release:
It will be a Zamperla Compact spinner.



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250 million NOK is pretty much the same amount that Liseberg spent on Valkyria + Loke + viking area. It looks like Tusenfryd wont focus all that money on one area, the way Liseberg did, but instead spread it out around the park on smaller attractions. Liseberg is also a park with much larger attendance than Tusenfryd.


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Tusenfryd making upgrades for 250 million NOK
On Saturday 23 April, Norway's largest amusement park opens for the season. Tusenfryd announces the largest investment in the park's 34-year history. Over the next three years, large parts of the park will be significantly upgraded, and several new attractions will be built.

In a normal year, we have 500,000 guests inside the gates, and we have regularly launched new attractions and individual upgrades. What we are now publishing is a long-planned and comprehensive reinforcement of our offer. 250 million NOK enables a future-oriented investment our park has never before been the subject of, says CEO Bjørn Håvard Solli in Tusenfryd.

The overall move is that "New TusenFryd" is transformed from a traditional amusement park into a theme park with new and clearly defined zones. Several big thrill attractions will also be built.

Already this year, approx. 50 million NOK will be spent. The first work started earlier this winter to ensure that the first new attractions are ready for this year's season.

- What we can reveal from new rides for 2022, is a new water slide in addition to the fact that we open "The Dungeon" - a labyrinth of scary experiences where actors also appear to really get the pulse of the guests. In addition, we are introducing two completely new themed zones, says Solli.

The first new zone is called "Route 66" which is built as a small town just along the legendary "Route 66". New rides here includes a new bumpercars and motorcycle carousel for children, a new traffic school and an expanded and upgraded "Rockburger" restaurant.

In the second new zone, "Expedition Lost Kingdoms" is being built, an area where you embark on an adventurous voyage of discovery on different continents. Here you will find a brand new roller coaster for children as well as other exciting experiences and activities guests can take part in.

At the same time, Solli emphasizes that the park will not be perceived as a construction site. The public will not be significantly affected by the work as this will mainly take place the part of the year the park is closed.

All the measures are otherwise based on customer surveys and evaluations from the guests.

- It will be fantastic when everything is ready in 2024. The investment lays a solid and important foundation for Tusenfryd to be Norway's largest theme park for exciting and pleasant experiences with family and friends for many years to come. In addition, we are proud that we as a social actor in this way also secure hundreds of jobs for young people and contribute to creating significant value in accommodation, catering, trade, transport and in the tourism industry in the region in general, says Solli.

This is good news!
Gives me a glimmer of hope for something similar happening in BonBon-Land.
Where did you find the concept art?


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I quite liked Oslo/Tusenfryd. ****ing expensive, but I wouldn't be upset to have a reason to go back (Dragen alone wouldn't be enough to tempt me) :) I'll be watching this with interest.


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I just love what they're doing with the place. I wish more parks would take a note from their book and expand on the guest experience offer over just whacking in another ride for the sake of it. These types of investments don't have a quick ROI like a new ride, but what they do have is long-lasting effects and revisit potential.


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I just love what they're doing with the place. I wish more parks would take a note from their book and expand on the guest experience offer over just whacking in another ride for the sake of it. These types of investments don't have a quick ROI like a new ride, but what they do have is long-lasting effects and revisit potential.
Nothing much can help the revisit potential of Tusenfryd, though. Let's not kid ourselves!


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I think this facelift really is what the park needed. Hurihuri won't be much of a reason to revisit, but the new signs, licks of paint, and decorations around the place really liven up some badly neglected areas of the park. I'm really looking forward to revisiting the place, which I haven't done in a couple of years now.

Here's hoping they manage to maintain the momentum going forward. Even with HuriHuri in place, the hardware in the park is racking up a quite high average age (~20 years, if memory serves correctly), so they can't sit back and rest for another decade after this.


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Visited yesterday and thought the spinner looked a bit out of place where it is, still some finishing touches to go though. Park overall was looking a ton better than I had heard it described, you could tell that they had been refreshing older areas. Operations were sad and I couldn't stay the whole day so had to skip a couple of things including the spinner, it had a very long line constantly.