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Tripsdrill | Hals-Über-Kopf & Volldampf | Vekoma STC & Family Boomerang Coaster


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This was recently asked on Reddit -
Top post sounds good, but reeks of knowledge-entitlement which I don't like. :p
Interesting, thanks! And I completely agree with the tone of the post! ?

With the gentle slope of the concrete I can believe it wasn’t for a boat ride, though of course it could have had a conveyor or similar mounted. Knowing Tripsdrill though, it was probably for their 373638th children’s tracked ride...


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I agree that this is no way running any faster than in other previous videos. Many people want to crown HüK as Tripsdrill's best coaster and I think in terms of overall product, Karacho wins hands down.

This combo of Vekoma is a perfect step between junior coasters and thrill rides like Karacho. In fact, I would put HüK in the same category as Mammut: nothing mind-blowing so families can ride together but thrilling enough to keep riders entertained.
This is a prototype that just started testing! Wait to ride until you judge harshly.

I can definitely see this being king of Tripsdrill. Excited to see how it breaks in and how this area looks with theming. Here's to hoping for a POV soon to lift our spirits mid-quarantine.


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I've been lurking in this topic for quite some time and have enjoyed watching these rides rise. Aesthetically, they look great. The ride interaction looks like it will be great. The invert has its fair share of tight, low to the ground turns and rolls, which should be great...yet something is causing this ride to miss the mark for me. It might be because this is clearly an evolution of the suspended family coaster model as opposed to a revolution of the original SLC. Granted, lots of people say that SFCs are relatively wild so hopefully this follows suit with deceiving looks.


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I usually hate to complain about any roller coasters, I really do. I have seen all the test videos you guys have put and yes I do notice a speed difference, but my god it is still running slow, hopefully it will run faster because I don’t see this layout as a family coaster, this is supposed to be the next generation SLC, for those saying this will be the next best ride at the park are wrong. I haven’t been here but Karocho or however you spell it will be better


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Benjamin Fisher, from the family who own Tripsdrill, shared on his Instagram story at look at him on the first manned test run on Hals-Über-Kopf.


Tomorrow the Wildpark of Tripsdrill reopens as is now permitted by the State Government; a date for the theme park reopening is not yet set by the local state.

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A thing I'm intrigued to know after seeing that picture; are we sure staggered seating will be required on roller coasters, as they don't look socially distanced there?

In terms of Hals-uber-Kopf and Volldampf, they look great!


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Why should you use staggered seating and separate groups while lowering your capacity?
Distancing different groups makes sense, but I do not see an issue to let people who waited next to each other, who went there with each other to be separated on a ride.

The owner of Hansapark stated in an interview that it would be possible to wear masks on the rides. We are talking of Kärnan and Novgorod here, so I am quite confident that masks would work on Karacho and HüK as well.


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A little update (as this might be interesting for most people, I am making a double posting here):
As the states in Germany have different rules for reopening measures, Tripsdrill amusement park will not be able to open until June 1st. Same goes for Europa park, as they are both located in Baden-Württemberg. Other german parks may open sooner, Nothrine Westphalia allows theme parks to open next monday, May 11th.
Please keep in mind that allowing an opening, does not mean they will open on that day, as some measures will have to be in place.