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caffeine_demon said:
This one for walibi holland is great!

I do not like amusement parks. Standing in line for a short adrenaline rush is not for me.

All I could think about after reading this was Bender.



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Bad news - I'm hooked on reading peoples complaints!
http://www.consumeraffairs.com/travel/l ... tml?page=3

On August 16, 2012, I was waiting to get through the gate (checking my hand bag, etc.). While I was waiting, I noticed a girl on gate no. 2 had dropped something on the ground that looked like a credit card, so I started waving at the girl. The guy behind her saw me and after I pointed at the ground, the security guy that was helping the girl to put her things on the tray, turned his head and looked at me. I smiled at him. When I walked over there, and had to pass through his gate, I realized he looked at me with hatred though I smiled at him. I walked through the gate and then the woman after looking at him, asked me step aside and she started searching me as if I was a criminal.

I looked back while she was searching me and I realized my small belly bag with my passport in it was not visible and I panicked. I told her I was worried about my passport and she told me to shut up and she said she would call the police. I said, "Please call the police," because I really wanted to know what was going on. She again warned me: "I’ll call police," as if I was afraid of the police, and I said again. "I want you to call the police." She looked at the side where the gate security guy was and then she asked me to lift up my bare foot, and I did. The policewoman came and I explained to her that I was worried about my passport. She pointed out at one tray at the corner and smiled. The police explained that the woman who was searching me does not speak English. At least the policewoman was acting normally and polite. I thanked her and then the woman who was searching me told me to walk over to the gate security that was continually searching my traveler's bag as if it was a tunnel.

I asked him what was he looking for and he looked at me with hatred. Then I understood why he decided to give me a hard time. It was because I tried to help at the gate when the girl dropped something on the floor. I was shocked to realize that; such hatred from him only because I tried to help. Of course there was nothing to be found, because I would never carry anything that would incriminate me. It was not my first time to travel by airplane but I have never been searched in the past. It was the first time to travel by Lufthansa and I got searched on the first time. I will never travel again with Lufthansa. You hire psychopaths to work for you, then you know what to expect. I was wearing the same things on my way to Frankfurt but I was not searched. That guy was a psychopath, and an evil man. Yes, he was tall, and sort of bald or thin hair, white male (I am white), and chubby. I should have gotten his name but I was about to punch him in his stupid face so I had forgotten to look for his name.


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I try to leave reviews, especially if I have something good to say, because I feel that its important. People are more likely to complain if things go wrong.


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Travelodge I'm staying in in Liverpool has 3 negative reviews. 1 of them is from a disabled couple who tried to check in and were told to come back at 3.30 (check in is 3, hardly a major issue) so they went elsewhere there and then, weren't compensated and went on a rant about how the hotel clearly wasn't suitable for the disabled.

Other one, which was amazing, complained that the free breakfast they got on behalf of it being their WEDDING NIGHT was just a pastries and cornflakes.


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I'm so confused by the one that Dan posted! Do they think that the security working at airports work for airlines? It's just such a confusing read!

I also adore reading the terrible reviews section, with my favourite being a family who drove 3 hours to Alton Towers, queued over an hour to get into the car park, got confused about how to get to the entrance and then, upon finally figuring all this out, couldn't find anywhere to buy tickets so went home XD


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This is comedy gold:

I am not buying Lufthansa Ticket anymore. I bought my round trip ticket form Canada (Montreal) to Tehran online and I came back to my country for few weeks. I had my E-ticket with me in English. I needed a confirmation for my departure time in my language,Persian, (I needed this conformation for some business paper work to reimburse my travel expenses). I went to a travel agency representative for Lufthansa Airline in Isfahan (Address: Shafagh Agency, Sheikhsadoogh St, Isfahan, Iran). They did not help me at all. Although my E-ticket and departure time was confirmed by the manager of the agency, he kept saying that we do not give you the confirmation unless you buy the ticket directly from us (I am not sure maybe this is only for their commission ). That is not professional. Next time I will not buy ticket from Lufthansa because I will have hard time to get this confirmation and reimburse my expenses. I do not want to deal with these people and waste my time.
"maybe this is only for their commission " Or maybe their system doesn't hold details of bookings made through other means...


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there's some crackers for cologne cathedral!

What a filthy eyesore. They should either clean it completely. Massively repair and update it. Or demolish this filthy eyesore and replace it with a modern building fit for purpose.

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Wow! I never knew this thread existed. One of my favorite past times is going on trip advisor and laughing at reviews!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach gets some good ones. The couple below couldn't find the entrance.

Me and my wife wanted to visit on August Bank Holiday Monday, to se the Hot Ice Show.

Trying to park somewhere was very difficult, anyway we eventually managed it.

It's some time since we visited Blackpool Pleaseure Beach. The problem now is that all the entrances which used to be available are closed off. In more visible places by corrugated iron panels and in the more visual areas by large gates. Nett result is that you can't get in.

Each Security person we asked gave us different advice and we wasted at least 15 minutes wandering around the car park. All this meant that by the time we found out where the new entrance was, (Not signed at all,) the show had started, so we gave it up as a bad job.

Nice one, Blackpool Pleasure Beach. You certainly know how to deter visitors.

Another one, 'hubby' wanted to ride t'big un when the park was shut. Lowe and behold he wasnt allowed. Returned next day to find you have to pay to enter an amusement park? Wait amusement parks arent free anymore?

hubby wanted to go on 'the big one' so we walked over to pleasure beach to find it had closed at 7pm ?????
so we went back the next morning . . . wasn't sure what we needed to do so spoke to a fella bout just gettin a ticket for hubby to go on just the one ride . . . to be told that was ok he could do that but I would have to pay £6 just to go in . . . absolutely ridiculous . . . why would you have to pay just to walk in an wait while somebody went on one of the rides !!!!!!
didn't even bother . . . come on pleasure beach . . . what is that all about . . . get it sorted !!!!!


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TripAdvisor reviews are up their with Daily Mail comments as my favourite examples of online f**kwittery. I just wish they would let people comment on them.


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anyone any idea what this review of strasbourg cathedral is saying?

My problem was when I went to the gift shop inside the cathedral. I was living in France as an expat at the time and asked, in French, for a triptych. I handed him the 7 euros before he fetched the triptych. Then the guy kept talking to me in German and I had no idea what he was saying. Then he switched to English and I said, in French, "No, I speak French," and he retorted (in broken English) that I don't and laughed. I demanded my money back since he didn't ring me up yet, but he refused and handed me the triptych.
Unfortunately this jerk pulled a stunt I encountered too often in France, but even though the cathedral is beautiful, I cried after that because it was so rude and about the 10th time that had happened to me in a month. I cannot think about the cathedral or Strasbourg without thinking of all the horrible feelings I felt that day, triggered by this awful man selling gifts. I threw away the triptych.


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^The reviewer got scammed out of a triptych due to a language barrier. Although it happened at least 10 other times that month, they put the whole blame on the Cathedral.


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Maybe she shouldn't have been so bothered by a picture of some fairytale characters then.


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Necropost, but I've seen this classic review of Alton towers..

We set off at half seven in the morning to arrive at the park for around 9.

We bought tickets from the kiosk at 9:20 - 1 adult at £54 and 1 child at £48 (we had a free voucher for another adult). £108 altogether including parking which seems quite extortionate. The ticket server said nothing about entrance times as she took our money from us.

We then went to get our tickets checked with the next member of staff who told us that because we had just bought the tickets rather than pre booking them online, that we could not get in until 10am.

We stood for 45 mins watching other people being admitted to the park just because they had pre booked.

Alton towers were quite happy to take money from us without telling us this.

This for us was a bad start to the day and spoiled the rest of it.



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another pleasure beach one:

"I spent £100 yesterday and all done was drive round for four hours looking for a parking space and drove home."