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Toverland's Expansion Plan


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Ok, that's as I thought. As much as I normally ADORE everything Toverland does, I can't help but think that's going to be MESSY.

Imagine you've got a full queue (which considering how tight the ingress queue line is that's gonna be highly likely), then you have riders exiting the area through the wider path, just as a person in a wheelchair is heading up to take their ride. That's a recipe for bottlenecks.

Really happy to be proven wrong with this, but it seems to shoe-horned.


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Toverland had posted soms pictures on social media. The expansion is looking great


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Hello, i did have the opportunity to be in the pre opening for family and friends. I did 3 of the attractions (Dragonwatch was not safe to ride there needed to change some things.

First of all of you entree Avalon there is now a theme area gate. Dragonwatch is right in the middle whit the airtime hill. It looks so good. We did walk to the opening ceremony. When we did walk to it. We passed waterdwarf alley this is maybe my favorite place in Toverland nouw because they did add ao much small things. The ceremony begins and they did some small roleplay and lets the owners make there talk.

Our first attraction was garden tour. We were standing at the front of the ceremony and we were standing right next to the entrance. I was in the attractions in 5 minutes ( queue in total was 60 minutes) and the queue looks stunning. The track ride its self is kinda simple but they themed it really good. They have made the garden tour a small foodgarden. This Food is going to be used in the Flaming feather.

After garden tour we did make a small run to jumping juna. Because it was pouring heavy rain. The ride its self is not a wouw but they have made the best of it. Its really colorful but its not desturbing.

The last ride was pixarus. this is the ride were mine group was to most exciting for. There was a queue for 80 minutes. We did get some snacks but the first part of the queue is really simple. Its just some times Fenix is flying bye. At the top you enter the school its really well themed and there is pre show. You get assigned places and its kinda hard to rotate. Its was my first time in this kind of attraction and i did make 1 roll. After you Finnish you can look at a bord whit the scores

Sorry if i did make some mistakes. English is not my main language and i tried my best for my small report.


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Zoning plans have emerged for a permanent holiday park to take up the existing parking space next to Troy. The project name is Ithaka Resort, and would as the name suggests have a Greek theme. It would apparently come with its own man-made lake and a park entrance exclusive to resort guests.




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Wouldn't have expected that yet. I don't really think the park has enough to offer for a two-day stay yet. Also there are numerous holiday parks just around the corner.


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Major developments coming out of the same zoning plan that revealed the permanent holiday park, in that we now have an outline of Toverland’s expansion plans for the next decade (up to 2033):


The chart above is meant to state the anticipated environmental impact of each year’s construction project, but it does detail what each project is going to entail, which includes:

2023 - Construction and operation of camping resort
2024 - Construction of holiday park
2025 - Opening of holiday park and a ”replacement attraction” (what it’ll replace isn’t clear)
2026 - TBD
2027 - Construction of 7th themed area
2028 - Opening of 7th themed area
2029 - Construction of resort hotel
2030 - Opening of resort hotel
2031 - TBD
2032 - Construction of 8th themed area
2033 - Opening of 8th themed area

So in summation, by 2033 Toverland is set to have:
- Two more themed areas
- A full-fledged resort hotel
- A holiday park
- A new attraction replacing an existing one

It’s worth noting that the chart doesn’t mention the four new rides that opened this year, so it’s possible we could see more additions within the existing themed lands within the 10-year timeframe.

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2025 - Opening of holiday park and a ”replacement attraction” (what it’ll replace isn’t clear)
Hopefully the Booster Bike, it's so much lower quality than the rest of the park, and right in the middle so you can't get away from it


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I like Boostee Bike, if they theme it and add a second train (which I believe would require brake run modification?) it would fit right in with the direction they're going for.


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While yes, a retheme would certainly be a very good option, I think it wouldn't solve the issue of Booster Bike sticking out like a sore thumb. It's a very cool and unique attraction, but it will always be an outlier compared to the rest of the park. I also don't really see any other significant attractions that could be on the chopping block... At least not the calibre that would be worth a mention in the planning documents. The land that it's on is prime real estate for the park, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some big flatride take it's place, and the launch and brakerun be replaced by some nice trees. Would be a shame, but completely reasonable in my eyes.


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Toverland management has credited the Avalon expansion—plus longer operating hours and seasonal events—to contributing to a 13 percent increase in attendance in 2023, culminating in a record 1.17 million guests.



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Toverland management has credited the Avalon expansion—plus longer operating hours and seasonal events—to contributing to a 13 percent increase in attendance in 2023, culminating in a record 1.17 million guests.

Fantastic news, couldn't be happier for them. Lets see what the numbers are in a years time


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I was shocked at how packed it was on my visit around Halloween season, but I guess hearing about those numbers makes sense. Good for them. Hopefully they'll look into ways in managing those crowds a bit better.