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This topic is not about listing your top five creds, or the happy memories you have from a particular ride, such as getting engaged on a coaster, holding a girls hand for the first time or watching your mate be sick. It's about those epic and sublime moments on rollercoasters that make you go "wow" and underlined your love for creds. Every. Single. Time.

Here's mine, in no particular order. WARNING: Contains predicable Beast at Night comment.

Beast at Night
Even though the ride itself is passable, there is something really special about riding it at night. It goes on and on and on, I can't see where I'm going and the noise in the tunnels is incredible. Plus it's warmed up nicely by the end of the day.

Top Thrill's Top Hat
The exhilarating launch is over, I've climbed 400-odd feet and there's the possibility of a rollback. As it creeps over the top hat, a view of Sandusky is all around and in seconds I'm plummeting face first back to Earth with only a lap bar. Omg it's fab.

Swarm's Loopy First Drop
Urgh (sexual sounding), it's so slow and deliberate and that's what I love about it. As the train twists to the left, I feel the whole body press against the seat and then out of nowhere it pulls me down to the ground in what feels like a split second. There's nothing quite like the tease of the turn before it speeds off on its adventure. A bit like somebody flicking my ears before punching me in the face.

There are loads of others, such as the second part of The Ultimate, the first inversion on Wildfire Kolmarden and even the tight little hoops on a Pinfari Zyklon...but what's yours?


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Oh, just thought of another.

Helix Airtime Hill after 2nd Launch
There's a bunny hill quite soon after the second rolling launch that makes me squeal like a pre-pubescent girl at a One Direcetion concert. The launch is fab and the inversiony thing immediately after it is disorienting then....BOOM! Sudden injection of sweet, sweet, bum off seat air time! It's so good. I need a cigarette.


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Outlaw Run at night in freezing Temps

It doesn't sound fun, racing around hovering around the ride closing due to weather, but Holy **** it was best experience I've ever had. There is zero light, and that cold air hitting you as you plummet into darkness us beyond words.

Now to get Lightning Rod at night...

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X2 Lift Hill Crest
This is the distinct moment you realize you have ascended a 175 ft. lift hill, backwards, and are being rotated forwards to fall face first down a 200+ first drop. "Jesus Christ" is the phrase you are looking for.

Outlaw Run First Overbanked Turn
Here is a simple equation on how RMC designs their roller coaster: physics + dark magic = ride

Skyrush Airtime... In General
Surely they made a mistake building such a tall drop headed into such small airtime hills? Adding the twists and turns creates a phenomenal out-of-control airtime experience, especially if you are riding on the wings.

Any Inversion Above 100 ft. Tall
I don't know about you, but the sensation of being upside down and taller than most rides always feels unnatural. I've had the chance to ride a number of inversions that were "world's tallest" at opening - and each time is as unnerving as the next.


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The 2nd Launch on Maverick
Just thinking about this coaster just wants me to go to Cedar Point! The launch out of the tunnel straight into the sharp banked turn, combined with the 95 degree drop, explains why this coaster is loved by me and many more!


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Nemesis' Zero-G over the station. Every single time, especially when it's running well, it's just an amazing feeling.

Helix's second airtime hill is probably the one for me too Ian, iirc it's the one that loops back over the escalator queue but then drops a lot more than the first one does. From memory it's the best bit of ejector on the ride and then it pulls you back down with a force, proper WTFOMG moment. I've also got a bit of a soft spot for the sharp transistion into the second launch, the way it pulls through that sharp corner with ease flows so well.

Shambhala's first drop. Nerves, every single time. The sheer feeling of speed as the wind hits your face. And, especially in the front, just how ****ing long it lasts.

Fuxake Ian now I need a theme park trip


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Oh, here's another one!
Raptor's (CP) Helix
There's so much to love about this helix! Since I'm a smaller person, the OSTRs don't touch my body unless it is pulling major g's or going upside-down, so it can be a thrilling and intense experience! The thing that stands out about this helix is that the OSTR just closes in on me and it pushes me against my seat! I love it! (Well, except that very last part into the brake run).


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A favorite element of mine is the airtime hill following the double down on SFGAm's Viper, you pretty much fly over it in the back row


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Taron's second launch. The speed, the force, the noise, just everything <3

I'm also a fan of the drop off of Saw's final MCBR. It just gets me every time and is a beautiful 'woah' moment.

Lost Gravity's first drop is pretty insane on outer seats too. Drags you down so quickly, and with the perfect mix of force and grace. Always left me with a huge wow moment.


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X-Flight's Zero G Roll, Front Row, Outer Right. This is one of my absolute favorite bits of any coaster out there. First off, the seat is just so open and exposed. It feels like you're actually flying. The actual element is super floaty beautiful- it's smooth, it's taken at a decent speed, and doesn't have too much negative force that it makes you touch the restraint too much(if that makes sense). Also, because it's the front of the train, you speed up as you come out of it, which is just adds to the sensation of flying and I love it.

Stengel Dive and Night Rides/Lights on Monster. This is the one and only time I think a trim brake actually helps the ride experience. You take it super slowly, which gives sooo much hangtime. If you're on the right side of the train, you essentially lean out of the car, which is super crazy, and I love it. As for the trim, you can feel it, which means you take it even slower, giving more hangtime. <3 For night rides, the way they do the lighting is beautiful. When you're riding it, the track in front of you is still dark, giving the rider a night ride similar to other coasters. But on the ground, you're witnessing a light show. On the lift hill, they have flashing red lights, looking like the 'rise' of a monster out of a darkness of sorts. When the train goes down the drop, all the lights on the ride(I'll get to that later) go out, and start following the train. As the train passes over the track, it lights up red, then slowly fades to blue after a few seconds. Almost like a monster terrorizing everything in its way(red), then leaving a path of destruction behind(blue). Then, as the train nears the end of the course, the lights start turning off along the track, kind of 'chasing' the monster back into it's lair. And once the train hits the brake run, a beautiful wash of a bunch of different colors comes over the entire ride, lighting it up to a beautiful mash of greens, reds, blues, golds, everything. It's as if the 'town' or whatever the monster terrorized is celebrating that they have 'defeated' the monster. And this wash stays on until the next train crests the lift, when all the lights go out- like everyone going into hiding. The ride may not have much physical theming, but I think this is one of, if not the best use of lighting as a part of the experience/theme. Yeah, Millennium Force might have a nice rainbow wash on the lift, but it doesn't tell a story. Sure, Fury might have a lightsaber on the lift and some hexagons in a tunnel, but that doesn't really portray much other than you enter a hive-like area. Monster is a fantastic use of lighting.

+1 to @VTCGA5 and the hill after Viper's double down. I wouldn't say you fly over it, but the second half of that hill has some serious flojector action(same for most of Viper's hills).

I also remember Skyrush at Night being something noteworthy. I don't know if it's the fact that you're in the dark, it seems faster/more intense, has shorter waits, or if it's a combination of all those things, but man was it an experience.

Edward M

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X2 Lift Hill Crest
This is the distinct moment you realize you have ascended a 175 ft. lift hill, backwards, and are being rotated forwards to fall face first down a 200+ first drop. "Jesus Christ" is the phrase you are looking for.

This. There really isn't anything like that first drop. X2 remains the only ride I have screamed on during my enthusiast days.

However, Lightning Rod's Quad Down is very very hard to beat for me. The airtime there is so quick and unbeatable.

I would also argue Millennium Force's first drop is one of the top moments as well with its speed, angle, and view. I want to also say Shambhala's Ampersand Turn, El Toro's "that drop", Kumba's Zero-G Roll, Goliath SFOG's helix, Outlaw Run's outward banked hill, Iron Rattler's first drop, and TTD's whole ride (I feel from launch to break feels like its own long moment). I'm sure there are more, but I think that is enough hahaha.


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Dodonpa's launch and top hat! The launch is just ridiculously powerful and the airtime on the top hat was obscene!

Helix's top hat! My favourite part of Helix.

Wildfire's zero-g stall! It was a big WTF moment! upside-down but gravity just seems to pause.

Space Mountain's helix. I love the sound effects and the out of control feeling you get turning around and around.

Steel Dragon 2000's drop. A huge drop with amazing airtime!

Katun's helix. The most intense coaster element I have ever experienced.


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Beast at Night, Gatekeeper's first drop, and being pushed against the restraints on Banshee

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Pink Cadillac

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Obvious ones like Oblivion's drop and Stealth's launch.
Also when Taron dives under this bridge on the second half of the ride.
Love Wild Mouse's airtime hill at Blackpool
Saw's Indoor drop - feels better than the main drop.
The opening scenes on De Vleigende Hollander
Hulk's launch into the zero-G roll
I also love the rapids tunnel on Alton's Runaway Mine Train :p


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One of those topics I have to go and reconsider my life for a while before answering. Thoughts could go on forever.

Helix, Taron, Wildfire, S&S Air launches & 4D first drops have all been served.

So i'll go for Karnan's first drop, in the back row. Something pleasing about being chucked head first into a wall.


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Shambhala - First Drop on the front row is something else. The initial seconds of hangtime followed by a long, hard fall to ground level. Couple that with the lovely clamshell restraint and you've got yourself a winner.

Nemesis - First helix. Need I say more?

Rutschebanen (Tivoli) - Night riding this beautiful classic is fab. Tivoli looks elegant as you whizz past all the lights and then down through dark tunnels. A lot of the fun comes when a good brakeman is on too. ;)

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I could go on and on about this topic. Here are the ones that stick out to me the most-

Top Thrill Dragster's launch- holy ****ing crap I love that so much. My first spin on this is probably the most exciting moment I've ever had on a coaster in my enthusiast days.

Iron Rattler's first drop and dive off the quarry wall- All of this ride is absolutely incredible, but these two moments topped them all. The drop is so insane, so massive and it curves off to the side slightly which is ****ing cool. The dive off the quarry wall is probably the best ejector airtime I've ever experienced. Back row on this thing is heaven.

Goliath GAm's first drop and zero g stall- Super steep drop into a tunnel..... **** yeah! The stall is ****ing gorgeous too.

Outlaw Run's wave turn and double barrel roll- I ****ing love you RMC. I don't know how you're able to do what you do, but please, keep it up and don't let up.

Maverick's post launch section- This part of the ride freaking hauls ass and just had me laughing like a little school girl the whole time. Those banks and twistys are euphoric.

B&M flyer pretzel loops- hot ****ing damn I love this inversion. Only been on Superman UF but Tatsu and Manta look so much better.

Riding Lightning Rod (knock on wood) and El Toro this summer which both have insane WTF moments.


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Nemesis - First helix. Need I say more?

Yes, that's also one of my favourite coaster moments, especially when it then goes into the zero g roll, it's just awesome :)

Also, I love the launch into the top hat bit of Helix - such a great moment of a fab coaster all round.

I love Superman Escape at Warner Bros Australia but I do like the pre launch section in particular as it's very well done and a great start to the ride.


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Some of the best for me:
Superman The Ride back to back hills before S Shields: Those two moments of sustained ejector (especially the second) are SO powerful, and are sustained so well. Very possibly my favorite coaster moment out there.

Boulder Dash at night: Boulder Dash as is, is a fantastic and extremely forceful coaster but the night rides in total darkness are truly wonderful. The large ejector hill that dips along the mountainside and the two hills following the turnaround are some of the greatest airtime moments that I have experienced.

Storm Runner/Top Thrill Dragster/Kingda Ka launches: Not much needs to be said for these. Just amazing forces. The top hat on Dragster is also stunning in the front row, and provides some solid airtime in the back row.

Maverick Stengel Dive: This is one of the weirdest combinations of forces, but I love it. Laterals, ejector, and positive Gs all executed perfectly in a matter of just seconds.