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Top 10 rides you'd most like to ride again.

Chris Brown

Mr CoasterForce 2016
Now, most will likely look at this topic and think 'Pah, thats just my top 10 what a mong' but for me, these too are very different things. I think location and accessibility can definitely play a part and also the amount of re rides you managed to get on the day. So anyway may be a bit of a duf topic but hopefully it can get going.

1. Wildfire - Kolmarden
Now we had ERT first thing in the morning which was awesome, we had a few re rides in the day which gradually got better but i just didnt feel fully satisfied that i'd really taken the whole ride in. I think if i were to go again i would enjoy it more having ridden it previously, i wouldn't be concentrating on individual elements or experiences i'd just let it flow and enjoy the experience.

2. Oblivion TBH - Gardaland
I only got two rides on this and was overwhelmed. I'd love to give it another go to see if it could give more, especially considering the praise it gets from others.

3. The Big One - Pleasure Beach Blackpool
Another single ride that was spoilt by Connors fart half way round! It was pretty boring but the first drop was excellent so i'd love to ride again even if just for that.

4. Flying Dutchman - Efteling
I only got one ride on this thing and was completely blown away. Would love to experience it again.

5. Black Mamba - Phantasialand
Once again another one that i only got one ride on, i was sat mid train and just didnt really enjoy it, I'm not sure if its because of all the other amazing experiences in Phantasia that kinda dwarf this incredible coaster but I'd love to experience a front row ride to properly judge the ride.

6. Kumba - Busch Gardens Tampa
I rode this back in 2008 so it was pre enthusiast times. I think i rode it a few times across the day but can't remember it at all. Annoying because its another very highly rated coaster.

7. Joris - Efteling
We rode a few times in our morning ERT session but just as we approached for an evening ride they shut the queue, can only imagine it being better when warmed up.

8. Shock - Rainbow Magicland
Although we managed to get 10+ rides on this i was absolutely shattered from an early start. This was also my first coaster with proper sustained lap bar airtime. I'd love to get on it again and see if its still worthy of a top 10 slot.

9. Lisbergbannan - Liseberg
Always see pictures and videos of this ride and i just cant help but watch. It was such a fun ride that i absolutely adored.

10. Dragons Fury - Chessington
Its such a local park to me but I've only managed to ride this twice. Both times I've declared it my favorite spinner but have completely forgotten the track layout and other stuffs.

So there's quite a few rides in my top 10 that dont make it on to here. Helix and Taron i got so many re rides on that they drop a bit further down the list even though they are my #1 and #2.

Edward M

Strata Poster

1. El Toro: I only got one ride in the early morning on this one. I just feel like I need to get some more rides to really get a feel for this.

2. Top Thrill Dragster: I just really want to do this one in the front row! I just can't imagine the rush of that ride there.

3. Shambhala: Another one I only got one ride on. I would love to try this one in the front or at night.

4. Fury 325: This one in the front would be insane I imagine.

5. X2: I only got one ride on this one, and I truly think it was the best ride possible (front row, inside seat). However, I would still love to try it in different seats as well as at night.

6. Iron Rattler: Yet another only one ride. It was great and in the back, but I feel it is a ride that would grow on you with multiple rides.

7. Maverick: It has been a while since I've done this one, and I would just love to do it again.

8. Beast: I really wish I could do this one in the back at night.

9. Lightning Rod: I've done this one in all kinds of seats, but I just would love to ride it again.

10. Nitro: Heard this one was best in front, so I would love to be able to ride it there.


Hyper Poster
1. Verbolten
2. Wicked Twister
3. Diamondback
4. Apollo's Chariot
5. Griffon
6. Blue Streak
7. Beast, but this time at night
8. Space Mountain
9. Maverick
10. Loch Ness Monster


Strata Poster
My top 10 tends to be ranked in terms of rides I'd want to ride again rather than the ultimate best rides I've ever had. For example, if I had the choice between one ride on Helix or one ride on Balder I'd go Helix. But if I had an hour, I'd go with Balder.

Likewise, as good as Dragon Khan is, my last run on it was piss poor and it's put me off wanting to ride it again anytime soon. But my rides on it several years before were amazing and justifies it's position in my top 10.

I'll probably come back to this and put a bit of detail to a top 10 tbh, bit of a ballache trying to list 10 becauese there's a few noway near my top rides that I'd want to ride just because they're a laugh.


Giga Poster
Mamba and Troy are probably #1 on this list for me, as it's been a good few years since I've ridden both, and they both sit highly in my Top 10. Hard to think of 10 rides on the spot, but I'll name a few that I would want another ride on for clarity.

Tornado at Bakken - Rode this twice last year and both times were a blur. It's a fierce bugger and caught me offguard both times.
Stunt Fall at Parque Warner - Managed 1 ride of this on front row, so would enjoy an attempt on back row if possible.
Stealth at Thorpe Park - Haven't been to Forpe for 6 years now, and Stealth is probably what I'd consider my favourite coaster at Forpe (Not been on Swarm yet obv)


Certified Ride Geek
Discounting the defunct coasters that would be good to relive.

The big one and pretty much all of blackpool. Only been once and pretty sure I did one ride on each to fit all the creds in. Would like to reride The Big One, Nash, Rev, Avalanche and the Mouse particularly.

White Lightning, only did one ride because it was pay per ride but was a great little coaster.

Coney Island Cyclone- Same reason as WL-was pay per ride so only did it once!

Rock N' Rollercoaster (Florida)- I actually hated the launch (my first one) in the dark and have never done it again, (mostly due to my hatred of hollywood studios) but it would be good to do it again knowing what to expect to see whether it was really as horrid as I remember it. Not terribly bothered about this reride though.


Strata Poster
Reet, had a think.

1. Helix (3). Although I had a bit of a pig rough ride on it once, it also delivered the absolute best run I've ever had on a coaster and I just want to see if, riding it at night in summer, with the lights all on, it would be even better.

2. Balder (1). My absolute number 1, I just know that I could ride it over and over and not tire of it.

3. Shambhala (2). Similar to the above, could ride it over and over and still not lose the anxiety as you climb that long lift hill. The speed and length of that first drop too <3

4. Silver Star (5). Also as above, consistent fun.

5. Nemesis (7). Couple of parts of it are up there with my favourite parts of a coaster.

6. Swarm (9). Similar to Shambhala with the fear on the lift hill. It's just a really enjoyable ride that has enough forces to thrill, without becoming painful after multiple re-rides.

7. Velocity (13). I just love the ride, it's probably the only drum-launch coaster I actually like, because the acceleration is less intense/more gradual than Rita/Stealth/Baco/Kanonen, the seating position is different (if you protect the grapefuits) and the little airtime bunny hop at the end is great.

8. Tomahawk (23). Such an underrated little gem of a coaster, I almost fear I'm overrating it in my memories of it. Just remember it being a proper laugh on both visits, and the size/speed/scale of it taking me aback.

9. Blue Fire (4). It's a good ride, but it's just not as good as Helix and if I've got that first, there's really not much need for Blue Fire to be any higher.

10. Smiler (8). Providing the corba roll entrance isnt as rough as sandpaper still, I wouldn't mind several re-rides. If its still a pain, I'd probably replace this with Kumali.


Roller Poster
1- Lightning Rod (1): I only rode this once in the middle row and I really want some more.

2- Kumba, Montu & SheiKra (4, 5 & ?): Since I moved into FL, it feels like it's been too long since I've been back to BGT.

3- Mako (6): My time was very restricted on my only visit to SWO so I only got to ride this once in one of the middle rows.

4- White Lightning (10): Yet again, only one ride, but this time it was only in the front. I would imagine that this ride is better in the back.

5- Ghost Rider (?): I've only ridden the new GR once in one of the middle rows, but it was pretty good. Like above, I think I would like the ride much more in the back.

6- Space Mountain (DL) (18): I've only ridden Disneyland's Space Mountain once in the past 10 years and I really enjoyed it as much as my childhood rides on it.

7- Giant Dipper (SCBB) (?): Like 1, 3 & 4, one ride on this wasn't enough.

8- Xcelerator (3): I've ridden this so many times, but just one front row ride isn't enough.

9- FireChaser Express (20): Read 1, 3, 4 & 7.

10- Matterhorn Bobsleds (?): I know I just rode it last year, but my nostalgia can't hold it in much longer.


Strata Poster
Count position in brackets:
1: Katun (1) It's my number one and I think I only had the opportunity to ride it three times.
2: Dodonpa (5) So sad that the top hat is gone
3: Helix (2) I love this coaster but have not ridden it since riding Taron (3), which I rode again yesterday.
4: Wildfire (4) Really enjoyable coaster
5: Pyrenees (6) Fantastic invert!
6: Space Mountain (9) I adore this coaster
7: Steel Dragon 2000 (10) Incredible first drop and airtime.
8: Wild Mouse BPB (38) Simply because it is insane!
9: Joris (35) Would probably be higher in my count if stupid Efteling had not have shut their queues stupidly early.
10: Fujiyama (30) Another insane ride


Donkey in a hat
Not sure I can come up with a definitive top 10 for this, but I can think of a few off the top of my head that I only rode once or twice, and would love to have a proper whoring session on.
Top of the list is Kingda Ka. Only got one ride on this and it blew me away, just the sheer height and speed of the thing. It'd be interesting to see how many rides it would take for the shock factor to wear off and for me to notice how f***ing rough it is.

X2. Just an awesome, awesome ride. I had quite a few goes on it when I was there to be honest, but it wasn't enough.

I305. Had 2 rides on this one. Neither one blew me away but I think I'm missing something. I need a front row ride, a back row ride and a mini whoring session to 'get it' properly I think.

Karnan. Another one I didn't get to fully appreciate, due to long wait times and lots of faff.

Wouldn't say no to another few blasts on Helix to be fair. I got it covered on the Sweden Live, no complaints there, but... it's just soooo good.

That's all I can think of.
In no particular order:

- El Toro, because I haven't been on it in almost ten years and my count was a lot lower back then
- Boulder Dash because I've still yet to catch it on a "good" day
- New Texas Giant because my cred anxiety didn't allow me to enjoy or even really remember my experience on it
- Balder because it's fab but I was feeling really ill at Liseberg </3
- Nemesis because I remember it being amazing but it has been a very long time since I rode it
- Pretty much almost everything at Blackpool, because for some reason I don't remember half the creds there even though I went in 2011
- I305 to see how **** it still is

That's about all I can think of. I'd be a bit nervous to reride Eejanaika, which is my #1, because I wouldn't want it to fall short of the amazing time I had on it the first time. Now I'd know what to expect kind of.

Coaster Hipster

Giga Poster
Very interesting question! That's something I have on my mind from time to time, so it's nice to share our opinions on that topic :)

On top of my head, I'd say...

1 - Superman: The Ride I've only been able to ride this Intamin beauty twice last summer because of amazing VR operations but I really enjoyed the on-rides I got anyway. I want to have some more fun on this coaster! More laps on S:TR would also help me to judge it more fairly.

2 - Kingda Ka Again, only managed to clock in two rides. My front row ride was at night and I feel I couldn't truly appreciate the speed of the coaster.

3 - Baron 1898 The only Dive Coaster I've ridden and thus the only coaster where I've experience that weird but very satisfying drop release trick. My only rides were during the cold morning and I wish I could experience it at the end of the day with a greater speed. Also, the steam effects were off during my rides.

4 - Goliath (Walibi Holland) My last rides on Goliath were somewhat underwhelming due to personal overexcitement to ride my (then) #1 and the cold morning weather. Despite the disappointment I still loved the first airtime hill and the Stengel Dive and would like to taste it again.

5 - OzIris I would like to compare this Inverted to the others I rode afterwards. It felt fairly intense to me back in 2014 but that was before I went on The Monster and Batman the Ride.

6 - Superman: Ultimate Flight My first (and only so far) B&M Flyer. I enjoyed the flying position so much and those reportedly boring turns turned out to be my favorite parts of the ride. Gliding again at SFGAdv would be fab!

7 - El Toro The drop, double huge camelbacks and "that hill".


Strata Poster
I initially thought that it would just be my Top 10 in order, but I gave it a bit more thought.

1. Skyrush (1) - Because it's f--ing amazing and I need more of it!

2. Beast (At night) (3) - I only got one true night ride and it'll probably be a while until I get back to Kings Island

3. Nemesis (5) - Because it's in England, and who knows when I'll be back there. Give me an hour to whore this thing.

4. Maverick (7) - Only got a handful of rides on this and would like more.

5. Boulder Dash (2) - It's not too far away from me, which is why I've placed others above it. I want to go back and pay more attention to it.

It gets harder to rank them after that. I guess it would be the rest of my Top Ten, but here's an honorable mention.

Lightning Run - Only got one ride… what was I thinking? Should've paid more attention to this.

Pink Cadillac

Giga Poster
1. Space Mountain WDW - I feel quite bad for being a Space Mountain activist when I haven't been on it for a decade :( I'll go back and it probs will be ****
2. Big Thunder Mountain DLP - Again haven't been in ages, but this is likely to be my next port of call.
3. Big Thunder Mountain WDW (see #1)
4. Kumba - (see #1)
5. ROTM USF - (see #1)
6. Dragons Fury - I used to love this so much, but it's been a while.
7. Space Mountain DLP - After many months of refurbishments and overhauls it will probably feel like a different ride.
8. The Smiler - Haven't actually done it much. I'll go back in 2018 for SW8 and make it more of a priority.
9. Grand National - Due to it being closed I haven't done it in a long time and always remembered loving it.
10. Megafobia - Can't remember anything about it. On the UK priority list, an Oakwood revisit is almost dead last, but I'd like to give this a few re-rides.


Captain Basic
In no particular order...

1) Voyage: This ride is incredible, and I need more of it(at night, preferably)

2) Maverick: I only got one ride on this baby, so I need to get the full experience.

3) Legend: Wasn't too big of a fan for this one, but I hear it's running much better after the retrack.

4) Millennium Force: People say this ride has airtime and some decent forces. I found none, so maybe I just caught it on a bad day.

5) Thunderbird: I just need more laps on it. It's just so good!

6) Lightning Run: Again, only one lap! Need more!

7) Skyrush: I've gotten plenty of laps on this, I just want more

8) Storm Runner: Apparently the soft restraints make the ride better.

9) Revenge of the Mummy USO: I remember literally nothing, so I need a refresher to see what everone loves about it.

10) Thunderation: The new Mack should make for a really neat experience. Again, only a single lap.

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Mega Poster
1. Superman the Ride: When I was at SFNE I only got maybe 2 or 3 rides on it and didn't get a change to fully appreciate it. I was literally about to marathon it and then I got rained out.

2. Millennium Force: I just need to marathon this coaster. I've only ridden it 3 or 4 times and I've spent 4 total days at Cedar Point in my life. I barely got a chance to get a feel for this ride.

3. Iron Rattler: I sooo regret leaving the park early. It was a walk on all day and I got tired. Now I want to ride it again :(

4. El Toro: I think I just rode it on a bad day or something because despite marathoning it I thought it was overrated.

5. Afterburn: I just need to ride this coaster more. I LOVE IT.

I don't have any more lol

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Coaster MILF
This isn't necessarily in any order but just some I can think of off the top of my head.
1. Shambhala - I know this is my number 1 but im dying to ride it again and should be later on this year. It's the coaster that kind of got me into the whole enthusiasm thing and I just remember it being so perfect. I'm actually slightly nervous to see what I think of it 5 years and what will be around 300 creds later. I hope it lives up to my own hype that i've given it.

2. Katun - I know I loved it but weirdly I don't remember that much about the actual layout, just that it had a fabulous first drop in the back row. Would be cool to familiarize myself with it.

3. Furius Baco - The only launch that has blown me away as much as Stealth's. Again its been quite a while so looking forward to getting on this again this year.

4. Big Thunder Mountain (DLP) - I really enjoyed this but only got to ride it once. Tried again 2 more times - first it had a really long queue and second time it broke down during our fastpass slot and didn't reopen before we head to leave.

5. Troy - Just a cool ride that I don't really think I fully enjoyed due to tiredness.

6. Helix - No such thing as too many rides on this.

7. The Ultimate - The 2nd half is mental and I loved it but only had one go on this for some reason. I think due to the fact that the ride goes on forever and I couldn't be arsed to wait around for another go.

8. HP and the Escape from Gringotts - Another one I only rode once but i'm not really sure why. Again its one of those where I don't really think I took everything in on that one go and so I feel like i've forgotten what happens.

9. White Lightning - I rode this loads back in 2013 and it went straight into my top 10. Wanted to try it again last year but we went towards the end of the trip and by this point we were literally counting cents (we were on a tight budget aha!) and it was something like $9 for a single ride. So yea that kinda sucked that I didn't get to go on it again.

10. Wildfire - I can't think of anything else specifically so this can round off the 10 :)


Strata Poster
1 - Skyrush - As it's been dethroned it deserves the chance to reclaim the throne, plus it's awesome.
2 - Maverick - At one point this was my number 2, so I'd love to get back on it now I have ridden a load more great rides. I haven't ridden it with the new restraints either.
3 - TTD - Only had one ride on this and it was middle somewhere. I need a front row on this at some point.
4 - Black Mamba - Apparently the front is the best experience, I've only done back (not great) and 2nd (very good), so again, need a front row.
5 - Flying Dutchman - Chris is right, once wasn't enough, fantastic indoor section.
6 - Boulder Dash - My runs were on a very cold night and it wasn't running well, could easily move up a couple of places if I got a good run.
7 - Wooden Warrior - Due to lack of time I only had 1 run, cold morning and hadn't warmed up at all, great ride I'd like to try in other seats.
8 - Wildfire - Evening (as close to dark as possbile) would be excellent, tough to get though due to opening times.
9 - Balder - Only ridden once, not overly impressed, apparently the front rows are better.
10 - Montu - My fave invert currently, been ages since I rode it.


Social Media Team
Social Media Team
Ohhhh good topic Chris - I agree, Skyrush and Taron are my number 1 and 2 but I feel like I whored them both so much I know them well enough (and I'm riding Taron on Sunday so)

1. Wood Coaster, Knight Valley - This is still somewhere near the top of my Woodie list, but I'm concerned it'll have gone right down. Still a great ride though.
2. Boardwalk Bullet - Cause it's ****ing fab - we managed two rides but it's a bit in the middle of nowhere so who knows when I'll get on it again!
3. Dodonpa, with the hill - RIP my love.
4. New Texas Giant - Like Taylor said, I was so underwhelmed with this on my one ride. I'd like to try it again cause no RMC has impressed me on the first ride!
5. California Screamin' - Love this Coaster, haven't ridden it for years, and it would mean being at fabulous Disney Cali.
6. Jungle Trailblazer, Oriental Heritage Wuhu - It hasn't even been a week but it's so ****ing good and who knows if or when I'll be back there!
7. Iron Rattler - Rode this quite a lot but again it's an area of America that I don't really know when I'll go back to and it's amazing!
8. Phoenix - Didn't do it last time I went Knoebels because of rain so haven't ridden it since 2008 and it's so good!
9. Expedition GeForce - I need to give it another chance, surely it can't be that poo? Surely?
10. X2 - I love these rides, but haven't a chance to ride the original in years, need to get back to SFMM!