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Tokyo Disneyland | Space Mountain (rebuild) | Unknown | 2027?


Mega Poster
this is a hot take but i think space mountain would be better with an actually fully themed interior (idk... moon caves? space station?) instead of a kinda dark room


Hyper Poster
I thought they were just doing a slightly modernised version of the original, just with significantly improved effects. But this… that’s actually really impressive. I guess Paris will finally loose its title of the best Space Mountain like coaster. (Even though the SW overlay is horrible)

Just a shame that they close down the original ride so early. I feel like they could’ve run this for a few more months before it really had to be closed down. On the other hand, they really do a lot to this area. Meanwhile disney is proud to take 1.5 years to retheme Splash mountain and shove an IP into it.


Giga Poster
I'm actually very interested to see where this goes. The six-seater Multi-Dimension cars would look pretty dope as new-gen space rockets if they decide to go in that direction