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Thorpe Park or Alton Towers, 2010.

In your opinion which is the better park and why?

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Daniel Bill Kent said:
For me, it's going to have to be Thorpe Park so far this year.
Daniel Bill Kent said:
Alton Towers, in every single sense of the word.
I am... very confused. :?

Oh yes and Alton clearly trumps Thorpe in pretty much every single way. Well, except for flat rides and Rush and Detonator are the only spectacular ones at Thorpe anyway. I do quite like Thorpe, however it lacks charm, atmosphere and a trip there is rarely relaxing.


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I voted for Thorpe cuz...

*Stealth is by far the gratest ride of both parks imo

*The walking distances between attraction are to far at Alton fo my liking

*The flats, especially Slammer and Samurai, are far better at Thorpe

*Alton is located very bad and hard to get to

..but, I do like Alton a lot to! Nemesis has great theming and is a decent ride. Oblivion, Rita, Air and Spinball are all great coasters too. And the castle really gives the park a unique feel!


Nemesis Inferno said:
^Why? Gonna expand on that at all?

And please... Thorpe better than Alton? :roll:

Thorpe can't get their rides open normally, Alton had minor problems on Saturday because it was raining...

Atmosphere, rides, theming, Alton has it all for everyone, Thorpe is only good for 4 rides...

Alton has Nemesis as well, so it beats Thorpe so easily...

Silly poll...

Spinball is ALWAYS down, rita is ALWAYS down and all of altons flats are lets be honest, a pile of s*** compared to Thorpes.
As for Thorpe only having 4 good rides, could you please name those rides? because I can name more than that off the top of my head -
Saw, Colossus, Stealth, YOUR NAME - Nemesis Inferno, Slammer, Rush, Tidal Wave, Detonator, and some would agree with X no way out.


Caffene Demon pretty much sums it up.

They sort of aim at different markets. I went to thorpe park and its just rammed with young adults and teenagers....and chavs.
Alton towers when I last went was rammed with familys.

I do actually prefer Thorpe park though. I do.

Nemesis Inferno

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Colossus is rough as hell...

Saw is over-rated...

Stealth is simply poor and unexciting...

Tidal Wave I've been on once in like... 5 years...

The rest of your list I agree with...

Thorpe however, I cannot spend a whole day there unless it's busy, when it's full of chavs... When it's empty, you do everything in the first hour and boredom follows...

Spinball goes down because of the ride type, as does Rita, but neither seemed to go down this weekend...

Yes the flats are crap at Alton... Everyone knows that... But with stuff like Duel, Hex, Mine Train, Marauders and the water rides you can do stuff like that for a good fun sit down... Whilst at Thorpe there's not many rides that don't spin so you can take a break...

I'd rather have a park rammed with families than chavs...


Im sorry, but i'll let you have nemesis and air, as they are just f****** awesome, but answer this, would you rather ride a 20 second ride thats 180ft tall with a speed of 68mph, or one thats 205ft tall with a top speed of 80mph?
Yessssss colossus is abit rough here and there, but theres something about it that makes me ride it again and again.
I absolutly 100% agree with you, I would much rather be in a busy park with families rather than annoying chavs who think they r great. I also find Alton Towers' staff abit more nicer than Thorpes, and that does make a huge difference.

Nemesis Inferno

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elmerfudd said:
would you rather ride a 20 second ride thats 180ft tall with a speed of 68mph, or one thats 205ft tall with a top speed of 80mph?
I'd rather ride the B&Ms...

After Dragster, both of them are crap... Rita is rough and terrible, Stealth is just meh...


I was actually comparing stealth to oblivion for some effd up reason. B&Ms are the godfather of rollercoasters anyway. Stealth rode at night is just unbelivable.


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I actually really enjoy Thorpe, I tend to make the wise decision and try and get there on a day when I know it's going to be quiet and I usually end up having a really nice day out. Opening day 2009 was when I actually realised how bad Thorpe's maintenance had got and every visit since then I've actually taken a mental note of what rides are down/break down during the day and I have to say it's quite disgraceful.

I will always love Thorpe because Stealth <3<3 and all the awesome flats and I find it nice to just chill around the park but I will admit that they need to buck their ideas up and provide a higher level of maintenance.

I get more excited about visiting Alton because it's a long way away from me so I'll only visit maybe once or twice a year and so I sort of forget what it's like, whereas Thorpe I know like the back of my hand. I think Alton has a better flow where theming is concerned and I feel it's just to a higher standard than Thorpe. Also, Alton has Nemesis and Oblivion, so points there.

Overall when I think about it I'd probably pick Alton but that's not to say I think Thorpe is crap like I know a lot of members on here do, it's just a smaller park aimed at a different audience which means it doesn't really have the 'magic' Alton has.


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Which awesome flats though Jordan?

My problem with Thorpe is that it was the poorest run example of pretty much every flat out there. Okay, it's easy to take a shot and say "travelling fair versions are better", but for Samurai, Vortex and Zodiac there are better static versions in the country - and not just a little better, but a huge amount better. Slammer is unique in the country, but it's a real Marmite ride. Rush is crippled by a very poor cycle. While it's a great Screaming swing, it needs and extra two swings at the top to make it a great ride - without it, it's just a tease.

So, I don't ride any of the flats at Thorpe - they're better than Alton's, but it doesn't give Thorpe "flat ride points".

So you're left with the coasters. I can understand love for Stealth and love for Inferno (I always try to ride Inferno actually). The rest though? Colossus, X:\ and Saw? I could never ride them again and just wouldn't miss them in the slightest - though the same could be said of Air, 13 and Spinball :p

It's the filler rides though I find make a park. I think it's been mentioned here before. Rides like Duel, Hex, RMT, Battle Galleons (if it's warm) all add depth to the park visit. Thorpe has none of those, so if it's quiet, you're left riding mediocre/poor flats and mostly mediocre/poor coasters (though maybe it's worse when it's busy and you have to queue for them).

I do Alton, on average, twice a month most years. I do Thorpe maybe once every two years. So really, I should have the inverse to Jordan - I look forward to Alton because it's exciting and different, and be a little bored with Alton.

I hardly ride at Alton though. I just go to mill around, and it's a really nice place just to hang around in. Thorpe I also tend to mill around - but only because actually riding there seems pointless to me. Sadly, while not riding at Thorpe is better to riding ( :p ),the milling around bit is piss-poor too ;)

Nemesis Inferno

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nadroJ said:
I actually really enjoy Thorpe, I tend to make the wise decision and try and get there on a day when I know it's going to be quiet and I usually end up having a really nice day out.
This is another arguement I don't like...

A good park is somewhere where you can go any day of the week any day of the year and still have a good time...

If I have to pick my days carefully to go to a park just to avoid having a rubbish day, then that says a lot about the park in question...

Where if I go to Alton or Chessie you can go and relax in the gardens or zoo... The farm at Thorpe used to be brilliant for that, but now you're stuck on the small island... It just doesn't seem to have an atmosphere...

I miss single rider queue the most from Thorpe... The whorage of Inferno that used to take place was brilliant, but now the things with it are Stealth and Fish... It's just not as awesome as all of Alton now having single rider for all their big coasters (Though Air's and Rita's are run poorly)...