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Hi All,

I am new to this forum but have been a theme park enthusiast for a long time. I have decided to start my own print store selling roller coasters plans, hand-drawn by myself in CAD software. My first being The Smiler (see below)

I am looking for some advice on the following:
- Any tips on improving my current drawings (and future).
- Any tips on how I can begin to create an organic following within the theme park community.

I am happy to take suggestions on my next print! (It takes 1-2ish weeks to complete each depending on complexity) and any other suggestions you may have!

Thank you,

The Smiler - BWhi.jpg


  • The Smiler - BWhi.jpg
    The Smiler - BWhi.jpg
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Roller Poster
(I should also mention there are different variations of this print - A4/A3 and in black/white, white/black background, white/blue background (blueprint) if you have any comments for these!)The Smiler - WBlk.jpgThe Smiler - WBlu.jpg