1. ArchiPrnt

    Theme Park Coaster Prints - Advice Thread

    Hi All, I am new to this forum but have been a theme park enthusiast for a long time. I have decided to start my own print store selling roller coasters plans, hand-drawn by myself in CAD software. My first being The Smiler (see below) I am looking for some advice on the following: - Any tips...
  2. CrashCoaster

    SW9 at Alton Towers

    I'm sure I created a topic on this when I first joined the site and it got locked, but since Wicker Man (SW8) is officially open, it can't possibly be too soon to start speculating as to what SW9 will be, and where it will go. Personally, I could see anything from a multi-launch coaster...
  3. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Alton Towers 2020

    Towerstimes and other sources have released this...whether it's just House of Monsters or CCL in general, but something is happening!