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The YouTube/Vine Thread [Post all vids in here!]


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Okay, I've stickied this topic now. If you start a "Look at this cool Youtube video" topic now, then it will be removed! Use this topic please!

Erm, but if it's a Youtube video you are using as the starting point of an actual discussion (like the best covers topic, or all time favourite tune topic), then that's okay :)


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I give you the Never Ending construct 4! the best of the 5!


Thank you andre! Ptikobj


A video i did a while back with my friends.

It's Called Hostage. Strangely enough i had loads of comments and views on this video, but at the beginning i didn't think much of it. But these people who commented convinced me that it was good.
Don't know what you think of it, but i thought i'd post it.

I was fourteen when i made it. :)


Enjoy, if you watch it that is.


I saw this a while ago with my friend on Metacafe, but seeing as this is a YouTube topic, I found a YouTube version of it.


Very bizarre.


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Lol I discovered this one a few months back its on one of the top viewed all time for comedy (20mill+ views) everytime I watch it the kid just cracks me up....



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Time to hoof an OOOOOOOOOOOOLD!! Video....


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Hahahahahahahaha, triple post in this topic but I have to post this old commercial for an Atari game, legend.



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Well i've got some of my favourites here. Enjoy 8)

I'm going to post this before Furie does. :D

and heres a pet food advert.

and this is what choir singing should be like NINTENDO STYLE :D

and speaking of Nintendo look how happy people get when they get a Nintendo 64. :lol:

If Mr Men was still been shown on T.V it would probably look like this. :D

And give some people some invisible guns and this is what you get.

and get a madman to dress up as the Merchant from Resident Evil 4 and go round a shopping mall.


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Heres one thats not funny (for some people). But it may put you off becoming a window cleaner.

and another unfortunate accident when a safety harness fails and a news reporter falls 5 floors onto a pile of boxes.



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For those of you who have seen the new iPod nano commercial, here is the featured music video 1234 in its entirety.

It has an Ok Go feel to it as they leave the camera rolling the entire time, it's a neat music video.[/youtube]


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^ That's the dog's bollocks, Insane. *claps*