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The Torch NYC | Hotel & Intamin Drop Tower | 2027


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Not every day that we cover Skyscrapers in the theme park world but here's one :)

A new 1,067-ft tall building is currently under construction at 740 Eighth Avenue in Manhattan, near Times Square. It managed to receive the necessary approvals last year and successfully fought back a resistance group. The developer, Extell Development, has already had a hand in setting up tower projects in the vicinity. This one however raised a lot of eyebrows over vague plans to pack in a fully enclosed drop tower, to be included within the red central column;

Things kind of came to a head last week when artwork and details were published on the building, dubbed The Torch in reference to the Statue of Liberty. On an even more exciting note, Intamin has been explicitly attached to the project, who's tower(s) will feature "300-foot-tall transparent tubes that riders will traverse over a 90-second experience" (who else, really?). Only one image to date offers hints at what the attraction will look like, with separate towers attached to at least two sides;

Some general concept artwork of the Torch;

Completion is scheduled for Q2 2027. It's not been without accidents, but generally it's definitely a construction project right now;

Last December the Rockefeller Center opened up 'The Beam" on their observation deck, where guests can sit down on a raising piston and recreate the iconic "Lunch Atop A Skyscraper" photo. General admission to the deck can start at anywhere between $30-55 and "riding" The Beam itself is another $25. A giant drop tower near Times Square is NOT going to be cheap, but definitely a cool attraction to look forwards to in a few years. Until then, this project very much has my interest.


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I'm generally a bit of a sucker for bold architectural designs (heck - I'd love to get my teeth into a project like this), but that's hideous. :D

Drop tower is a neat addition though. Wonder how that ended up in the plans - having sat through many a design meeting for these sorts of projects, those ideas are often booted off once the cost cutting "value engineering" starts.


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As much as I like the idea of having a drop tower amidst Manhattan, I dislike the "torch" design. To me, it looks more like a nibbled on trunk that's going to be an extension to a beaver's dam rather than a person holding a torch.


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ahh yes, drop towers on city-buildings, that always works out well...


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