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The Starbird Project


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Wow, well apparently I have some replies to get to. But before I get to that, I took another little hiatus from building and am now just getting back into the swing of RCT2. I am completely revamping this project, including adding a few more maps (but mostly planning stuff out better). I want to be able to finish at least one map this time. I have no idea how many maps this project will end up being now, but after just one day of research/planning, I have ideas for eight maps so far.

In likely order of release dates (note: different than order of construction):
1. TTC/Shopping Village
2. The Starbird Project Museum & Welcome Center* (name subject to change)
3. Meridian Lake Resorts** (3 resorts)
4. Casparona Creek Amusemtn Park
5. Boardwalk Area Resorts** (3 resorts)
6. Starbird-*Guest company* Studios
7. Starbird's Holiday Adventure
8. Geyser Springs Lodge & Campground (includes waterpark)

*possible move to TTC map (1)
**number of resorts subject to change

Mountain Madman: Thanks. I switched the trees to alternating between the orange and gold/copper, and it looks much better now.

LiveForTheLaunch Thanks. There's not much I can do about the path over water as the splash boats ride is going in that area.

martyevans Thanks. Yeah, the buildings can take a long time to get to look the way I want them to look.

EDIT: In case you missed it in the Fiesta! at NE, here is the first screen of the newly restarted Starbird Project:

Note: this is actually the second new screen, now that I have added more details.


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I quite like it, actually. The windows may be a bit repetitive, but it's what you would see on any real life building basically, so I can't really complain. Maybe an awning or two, or just do something small to break up the monotony? I do like the style though, very nice!


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LiveForTheLaunch: Thanks. I really like the style I acheived with this building. I was inspired by the Victoria Station in London, England. I will consider adding awnings to the windows to break up the monotony. Thanks fot the suggestion.


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Now for the first update in a month. I apologize for the lack of foliage at the moment. Landscape crews are currently working on it at the moment. Thank you for your patience.

Presenting...Geyser Springs Lodge & Campground

Geyser Springs Lodge & Campground

Opened - Currently in construction phase
Theme - Pacific Northwest
Areas - Lodge: 12 buildings, campground: ??? sites
Rooms - ~500 projected
Suites - unknown
Address - 7910 Wilderness Drive, Casparona, Euriland

Starbird's Geyser Springs Lodge and Campground is a resort hotel located at the Starbird Entertainment Complex in Casparona, Euriland. The resort is themed to the feeling of National Park Service lodges typically found in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The resort will combine natural and Native American elements, including artificial hot springs and geysers. Guests will be able to travel throughout the Starbird Entertainment Complex from the Geyser Springs Lodge and Campground through free bus and ferry service. The resort is owned and operated by Starbird Hotels, Ltd.

Shopping and Dining
Geyser Springs Lodge & Campground offer several options for dining and shopping, including room service. Two full service restaurants are available in the main building of the resort. These restaurants serve up typical American Northwestern cuisine such as salmon and buffalo. Geyser Springs Lodge's main building also offers three lounges and bars for a quick snack.

Geyser Springs Souvenirs, located in the main lobby sells a variety of Pacific Northwest merchandise. Guests can also rent bikes for the resort trails, and boats for use on the lake adjacent to Geyser Springs.


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I like the idea of a lodge and campground.. I'm in the process of making a campground in my park at the moment as well! As for the building, I understand it's not complete, so all I'm gonna say is that it has potential. The only thing I truly dislike about the screen is the red and grey patches around the entrance, and maybe make the entrance more grand?

Keep it up :)


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Thanks LiveForTheLaunch. Seeing as this isn't the main building, just one of the guest buildings, I don't think the entrance needs to be more grand.


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Im not a fan of the last building, but Geyser springs is nice as is the train station. I've seen these on NE's AD, nice little project you have here.


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Well I haven't updated over ere for a while, but I have re-started on The Starbird Project (when don't I?) Construction has started on the first resort, Starbird's South Seas Village Resort.