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The Simpsons or Futurama?

The Simpsons or Futurama

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Hyper Poster
I was wondering whether anyone prefers Futurama to The Simpsons, because I don't know many people that do, except my sister. She thinks that Futurama has more funny lines.

As for me, I prefer The Simpsons, just because each episode is really different always funny!

The Simpsons Movie sounds good too.


I wonder what Futurama: Bender's Big Score will be like when it's released next Christmas?


Giga Poster
Oh the Simpsons by bloody miles. It's just a pure classic.

I can't see how anyone could prefer Futurama.


I absolutely love Futurama, but you need some higher education to understand all the jokes. It's good that they have decided to make new ones.

Simpsons is to much of the same thing on all episodes, and it gets really boring after a while.


Giga Poster
The Simpsons, futurama just bores me but i can watch it.

The simpsons always make me laugh.


Roller Poster

The Simpsons is just boring now, same old stuff, really.

Futurama is more blunt, funnier but with some hidden humor.

But, we all know Family Guy is the best.


Giga Poster
I love both of them, but as Rich up there says, Family Guy is better, as is American Dad.

On another note, the trailer for the Simpsons movie is the funniest thing I've seen in ages! :lol:


Matt SR
Staff member
Social Media Team
Well, both are truly great cartoons, but nothing beats the original Matt Groaning creation, that being the Simpsons.

Admittedly, their latest season hasn't been the hottest, but still, they have countless episodes of some of the greatest humor I have ever seen.


Strata Poster
The only reason people think the Simpsons is now "boring" is because of how many episodes were made. I'm sure you'll all say the same about Futrama in a few years.

I'm voting the Simpsons, as I think it had a longer shelf-life as Futrama will.


Futurama. Its a lot more fresh, plus.. the humour is a little more daring. (Hence, the cancellage :( )


The Legend
Futurama OWNS The Simpsons... but ONLY before the last 5 seasons or so. Before that, The Simpsons are the greatest cartoon of all time. Plain and simple.

Plus... Futurama is how I got my Name damnit! ;)


Mega Poster
Despite the fact i've seen every Futurama countless times it still makes me laugh.

If I did watch the Simpsons again and again i'd be bored **** less.

Thrill Yeti

Roller Poster
I choose futurama. OK alot of the simpsons episodes are great and really make me laugh, but i think Futurama is more consistent when it comes to good jokes. I also love the very original characters in Futurama- the professor and Doctor Zoidberg being my favourites.


Hyper Poster
I'm going to go agains all my beleifs and actually vote Futurama! :shock:

The simpsons are ****ing amazing! One of the best TV shows ever. I'm a huge fan and have seen every episode up to season 16. However, I think i've watched them to death. To me, the episodes have lost their laughter factor. Plus the newer episodes are just stupid and totally unbelievable - you can tell that they're starting to run out of ideas. Lets hope that the movie will bring some fresh life into them.

I've only really started watching Futurama within the last year, and it's nice to watch a quality show without knowing what going to happen all the time. It's fast overtaking the Simpsons for me.


CF Legend
Futurama is almost better.

But not quite. The Simpsons are just getting dull, Futurama is just, fresh, compared.

But, The Simpsons is that bit better. Just. At the moment.