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Finally, I agree with Clam, I do enjoy playing Mario games. Sure, they're not original, but they're a whole lot of fun, with some pretty decent setpieces.

They are probably the most original games out there.

Sure the basics of the game is run/jump/etc .. But there will always be something new and original around every corner to keep you playing.. You'll always be suprised by something.

Unlike something like halo, where you know you're just running down corridors for the whole game, moving a pointer around and pressing X when it's over an alien.


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Say hello to some more games:

Army of 2 (Our November 16th Europe)


Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (Out November 20th Europe)


Smackdown VS Raw 2008 (Out November 9th 2007 Europe)


Beowulf (Unknown release date)



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I must say.. This looks excellent... :lol:

Certainly a must buy game which everyone should go out and grab a copy of.. etc etc.. nudge nudge wink wink...



Just wondering... Do you get no time off? It seems only, what, a week or two ago, you'd finished Crash Bandicoot :lol:

Looks great though, certainly more fresh than usual, but, I guess, more mainstream...

Ha, mainstream originality, if ever there were an oxymoron...


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Time off? I work in games! lol!

Games are normally finished about 4 or 5 months before you see them in the shops.


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Insane said:
(Need for speed: The Same old thing trailer)

I c a n ' t w a i t
Woo, the same game yet again, well done EA, you have originality dripping from every pore.

The first was a good game actually, the second was... more of the same really, repeat ad infinitum... If there was 3 years between games and each was written from scratch, I'd give it a break, but it's just the same game, same engine, slightly altered to look new.


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Protoype looks like T2 with hoodies.

Was the Beowulf clip the only one with decent amounts of in-game footage?


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I needz that

and also


Vampire rain isnt as bad as they say. its hard yes but they dont have bloody eyes in the back of there head!


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As i said.. dont trust reviews written by people who need to fund their site thru advertising.

consolevania.com is another good one.

Basically if you see advertisements for "murder death spank 4" plastered all over a website - and it gets a 10/10 review.. Take said review with a pinch of salt.


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3 New KH games.

358/2 days
Birth by sleep

New story
New platforms
New O13 member.

and thats all I know I'm afraid

OOH Terra ven and aqua are in birth by sleep and apparently you find out about the people who make the keyblades

Coulden't find out anything about sora or Disney


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3 new kingdom hearts games

one is called 358/2 days
the other is called birth by sleep
and he last one is called coded.

no idea why.

they are on PSP DS and mobile

329857579834 rumors are going round about this new apparent organization 13 member

another 23843 rumors about who made the keyblades

Terra aqua and ven (from the secret ending) have been confirmed to be the main characters in Birth by sleep apparently

and I've herd nothing about sora (the main character in the first 2)
or any new Disney worlds


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This is on the TOP of my list of recommendations!

Zoo Race The Game!!

Looks ****ing fantastic!



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Playstation fans should probably take some time to mentally prepare themselves for this, because it's not very often I say what I'm about to say, and it will probably be a while until I say it again. I'm now very excited about playing a game originally made for Playstation. That game is, of course, Okami, which is coming to Wii some time next year.

Add it to the very long list of Wii games I have to buy when they come out. :p


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This will probably be the only time you'll hear me spazzing out over graphics but Rez HD looks the sex

and with the 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound compatibility it should be interesting

either that or people puting it on full wack with volume