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The 2010 Winter Olympics


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Britain are out of the curling boo. The men were so close to going through, really annoying how they couldn't beat Sweden. Shame about the women's bobsleigh aswell with the Brits who are World Champions crashing on their third run.


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I was really getting into the curling match last night. Almost tempted me to stay up till it ended, but I wouldn't have functioned at all today.


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Damn Women's Hockey was blanked by Canada. Oh well. Good job to Canadians. Now hopefully normal Hockey will get to the gold and win.


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Im bored - so i thought i'd come back for a bit...

RollerCoasterFanatic said:
Now hopefully normal Hockey will get to the gold and win.


BTW: When i'm even more bored than i am now - i'll upload all my olympicky pictures for you.. MrClam At the Olympic games!


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Some of the crashes in the women's duelling snowboarding (don't know the proper name for the event) were hilarious. :p


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^"Parallel Slalom" I believe.

Caught the last period of the USA-Finland Ice-hockey match last night. Good job to the Americans for winning by such a large margin, but it did feel to me as if Finland had more possession. It was probably just how the last period turned out, I didn't see the first two, but it looked like USA were defending more than attacking.

I'll be watching the Bobsled tonight!


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^ & ^^... or were you talking about the boarder cross? where there was 4 of them going down jumps and stuff?

And JayJay, completely agree about that snowboard commentator woman. She was useless, but yes, that comment about the man out the window was hillarious. Ed Leigh though... <3

Oh, this is Vadge btw, can't be arsed to log in.


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Well we're good at the bobsled aren't we. :roll:

So that's the 2-man, 4-man and 2-woman bobsled all crashed in one of their runs.


Just finished watching the epic women curling final from yesterday...
Cudos to the Swedish team for a great nail-biting win!!

Shame that the men's team missed their last stone in the final round so that they would have an extra round :(


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^ :lol: Sad, but true!

I'm just hoping that the hockey rematch will be as epic as the first go round.


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^But that would be boring. You need something that makes you uncertain about the win before it happens so you feel even better when (if) you do win. I should probably point out that I don't actually have any interest in ice hockey. Just wanted to comment on your post.

On another note, congrats to Canada on beating the clown team yesterday in the curling. They played really well.


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SnooSnoo said:
I don't. I hope we crush those bastards into submission.

That'd be nice too but it'd be a bit boring I just love seeing those close wins, but any type of win would be fine by me.