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SWSA | Tidal Surge | Worlds Largest S&S Screamin' Swing

Matt N

Strata Poster
Have we heard any more about the Mack PowerSplash that was supposedly coming to SWSA as well?

This should be great, though; Rush at Thorpe, one of the smaller S&S Screamin' Swings, is one of my favourite flats, so I can only imagine that this one will provide even more of that amazing floaty goodness!


Hyper Poster
Already a thread ;)


Mega Poster
Tidal Surge is not the only 2022 addition that SWSA has up their sleeve. Paid a visit to Proslide’s manufacturing plant yesterday and I can confirm that they’ve made an order! Pieces are being manufactured as we speak, and the first are fresh out of the factory and await shipment in the yard.


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