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Sun World Bà Nà Hills Vietnam | Multiple Coasters Including Launched Mack Big Dipper | 202?


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I've had a look and I don't think there is a dedicated thread yet for this, it was known about since 2022 IAAPA but the site is coming along and more is coming, from what I've seen 2024 seems to have been the opening date, while I can see the alpine coasters being done this year I'm not sure on the other two.

In total we have:
-Mack Launched Big Dipper - Indoor
-Zierer Force - Indoor
-Wiegand Twin Alpine coaster

Amazingly this is the parks third twin mountain coaster bringing their total to six mountain coasters overall.

The mountain coasters are vertical.
1716042933541.png 1716042957091.png

Here is the rest of the site: