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Sorry if it's been done before. B&M or Intamin?

Do you prefer B&M or Intamin

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This may be spam but it's my topic and I can spam if I want to.:lol:

I fookin love it when UC gets worked up and has a big arguement. And UC is right, Goliath is amazing.

I prefer B&M floater airtime to Intamin's ejector. Floater feels cooler.

And whoever said Nitro was "too smooth"... How the feck is a coaster too smooth?!


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B&M fan here. Reliability, quality, originality. And, not to mince words, how many people have died on B&M rides and how many on Intamin rides? In spite of our adrenaline seeking habit, safety is an important issue and B&M designs safety into the system instead of relying on bored, distracted, teenaged (no offense) ride ops to be the safety system for thier rides


How is it a stupid argument?

It's obvious that somewhere along the lines Intamin has a problem that means restraints can be misused, and accidents can happen. They need to tighten that.

That is a valid argument.


My point is, you said...

That's like crashing your car at 70 mph over the speed limit and blaming the maker for not fully protecting you.
B&M restraints just don't mess up like that. They have been developed in a way that it's impossible to fool them. The train won't leave the station if the restraint is open and only lets riders on if the restraint is sufficiently closed. Intamin, however, seems to let riders on if the restraint is only just about closed. Hell, I've seen Vekoma trains leave stations with open restraints, I have no proof but someone has previously mentioned that Intamin trains could do the same. Either way, they have a design fault that allows for accidents to happen.

If they did a B&M and actually designed their restraints to be idiot friendly and easy to use without malfunction, there wouldn't be a problem.

It would appear you can't mis-use B&M restraints, but you can mis-use Intamin restraints. Not counting accidents where riders have fallen out because their restraint was too loose, counting accidents where restraints have popped open mid-ride. In that sense, you can blame Intamin, because they are not on par with other manufacturers that have better a design they are obviously not 100% in touch with.