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Something you've always wanted to see from a park.


I was looking through the Mystic Timbers thread and saw the theory of MT being a giga.

Kings Island + Giga = Excellent in my opinion. But where would they put that? Probably X-BASE, being the most underdeveloped area in the park. But there's so many other kinds of coasters KI could stick in anywhere. They have so much unused space, it's astonishing. They have room for at least several new areas, a bunch of flat rides, and several coasters.

I would really like to see them pull out an actual launch coaster. Sure, the FoF and BLSC are good, but the park needs an Accelerator or maybe even a launched Eurofighter (does Cedar Fair even own any Eurofighters?).

What about you? In any park, what kind of coaster would you like to see them pull out?

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(does Cedar Fair even own any Eurofighters?).
No, and the only Gerstlauer coaster in the chain is Spinning Dragons at Worlds of Fun - https://rcdb.com/2572.htm

Uh, I would have rather Mako been a Giga... Even if it had the same layout, I guess at this point in time.. There is little 'shock value' in something at just 200 feet. That being said, I still love the ride and I'm fine with it as is.


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Something you've always wanted to sea from a park.



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Stuff I want to see from SFGAm: (homepark)
- Premier launch coaster
- Intamin Giga similar to I305, OR B&M Giga
- New style Vekoma or B&M multi-looper (This could be the launched coaster mentioned above)
- Zamperla Giant Discovery
- Funtime Star Flyer (250+ ft.)
- Zamperla Giant Air Race (Rumored on Screamscape a while back, would love to see it become a reality)
- Stand-up flat ride (Modern day Round up?)
- Larson Superloop (Yes, I think they look fun)

Also, I've never been there myself but I think a GCI would be a great fit at Carowinds