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So, I finally got on SAW...


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It was ****

I'll get onto that later. First the report.

So, we arrived at Thorpe at half nine (opening time) and were greeted with no queue to get in. It was looking good, nice and empty. First stop was Inferno, and we managed to get walk on to the front row. I also think I saw Mushroom buying an ORP, but I wasn't sure.

I will go off on a slight tangent here, simply to say that the rides were mental today. I've never felt so much force on any of the rides at Thorpe before. Inferno, Stealth and Samurai all gave excellent rides today.

Anyway, a queue had built up by the time we got back around, so instead we walked around to Stealth, only to find that it was closed, and they weren't sure what time it would open. Great. Instead we walked onto the rapids, which had very few effects on today. We then went on Inferno again, followed by Logger's Leap and Samurai.

From here on in, the order goes hazy, but I know that after Samurai we looked at the queue time for SAW, and at one and a half hours, we decided to give it a miss.

It was becoming clear that the empty day we had imagined was not going to be. For the first time I've seen in a long time, the extnsion to the Inferno queue was needed, and it maxed at 100 minute queue time.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Stealth had opened. The queue was an hour long but we decided to grit our teeth and go for it. It was an eventful queue. As well as it breaking down, I discovered why French people are so hated. A group of French students were queue jumping, and everyone was getting rather pissed off. One was actually in his seat when the operator stopped the ride to kick him off. Eventually got on for a very good ride. Most things after this were rerides.

SAW. Well it broke down in the afternoon, and was testing in short bursts the rest of the day. Then at 5.25 We saw that it was running, so we quickly got in the very slow moving queue. Anyway, the queue was dreadful, not scary at all and very boring. Overall the ride was too well lit and you could see the indoor drop coming. It was also incredibly painful, and shook my head about very uncomfortably.

Ride count:
Nemesis:Inferno x2
Stealth x1
SAW x1
Logger's Leap x3
Samurai x2
Depth Charge x1
Rumba rapids x1
Vortex x1


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jokerman said:
I also think I saw Mushroom buying an ORP, but I wasn't sure.
You probably did see me getting a ORP. =]

I got there Opening time and got on Detonator straight away. Waited for a few mins before Inferno opened, and just sat on that 5 times straight before deciding to get a drink and doing something else.

First hour and half ride count:
Det X 1
Inferno X 5
Rush X 1
Fish X 1
Slammer x 1
Loggers X 1

When i saw the Queue lengths after this, I decided to go relax for a bit while I waited for Kelly (misspink.2004) and her BF. We ended up getting for the rest of the day:
Stealth (Well over 1 hour queue)

While walking to Saw, bumped into a former work colleague randomly.


enjoyed my day =] Though the queues were huge due to the school kids, but did die at the end of the day as expected.

Oh btw Joker, we did see them random people get onto Stealth then come right off again. Thanks for clearing that up =]