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Wow. That was... terrible.

WHEN was I supposed to laugh? Because, there was nothing funny about it!

Who decided to remove the canned laughter? I know it's not the best thing in the World, but, I felt without it it was all quiet and weird. I suppose they could have had canned laughter, but, it wasn't funny at any points so it was never used.

Um, WHAT happened to Kochanski? She's dead with no reason or explanation? OK...

And lets just NOT tell anyone what happened at the end of Series 8, let us pretend that never happened...

Man, that was terrible. It was so full of inconsistencies I wondered if they'd forgotten what happened in the other eight seasons?


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Lol, I was expecting much worse. At least it looked good.

The comic timing was generally way out. Not for Craig Charles, he seemed on the ball, but Chris Barrie was rusty as hell. They were all undermined by the editing and script though. Weak on the joke front.


I'm glad they eventually managed to incorporate the squid into the story, since they spent 2/3 of the first episode on it. It really should have been handled in a much snappier way, it may actually have been decently funny then (at least Lister's face smeared onto the camera made me smirk).


Ben said:
Who decided to remove the canned laughter? I know it's not the best thing in the World, but, I felt without it it was all quiet and weird.
The reason there's no laughter is because there was no audience (and fully canned laughter sounds bloody awful). It was odd though, and it does put more emphasis on the script - ouch.

It was basically a mediocre RD episode, which after 9 years is fairly sad.

It 's a shame as I actually enjoyed seeing it back again.

But, on a miniscule budget (the actors paid for their own transport and hotels), it's a good stab - loved the purple spandex. If only it had a decent script...


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It was fine. I didn't have high hopes as I knew it wouldn't be immense. I chuckled and thought it was a good episode on the whole though.


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I found it lame...ish. It was ok in parts but I reckon as the storyline is stretched over three episodes, it didn't have to be as snappy as the normal episodes.

However, now the story has been set, hopefully the next two episodes will have a better pace and direction to them.

I still enjoyed it - deposit the lack of both my own and studio laughter - and I'm looking forward to the next two.


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It didn't seem so bad at first. Maybe just thinking I have to find this funny as I used to find it funny. It was showed up Gunmen of the Apocalypse and Quarantine episodes that they showed after it. It's nice that it's new. It just isn't as funny as it used to be.


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Oh dear, so it would seem that I was so unimpressed with last nights edition that I've missed the start of this one.

Dave ja vu for me then! :p


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I missed last nights episode, after everyones comments I probably wont bother watching the repeat on Monday.

I thought the second episode wasn't great. It's so unoriginal and just fails at pulling it off.

Do you think Naylor wanted to make this so he could keep making references to the two series BBC turned down? Although its pants it's probably getting really good audience figures.


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I want to beat up doug naylor for ruining a good show.

thank gawd he was never allowed to make the movie.


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mrclam said:
thank gawd he was never allowed to make the movie.

I bet the film would've been better than this 3 part episode. The third part was terrible too, I giggled a little bit but it still wasn't great.


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I actually didn't laugh at all at tonights episode! Wasn't great!!

But Marooned's on now <3 one of my faves!! Mega enjoying this one :D

and I can't believe I'm gonna say this but phwoarr Robert Llewellyn looked pretty hot in the "making of" show in his lil brown jumper! Hot for an older guy haha!!