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Small News From The Theme Park Industry


Good that no one was hurt, I bet those things can pick up a fair amount of intertia, they weigh loads they?
Sounds like the loading floor bit that got bent might have protected everyone by getting in the way.

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Matt N

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Very interesting... I believe this is B&M's first incident ever to be caused by the actual hardware itself?
Looks like Tree Top Quest is set to reopen at Alton Towers. But of course, the jury is still out on the maintenance problems on Wickerman and now Nemesis. No clue when they'll reopen but apparently staff have said to someone that was on a Alton Towers discussion page on FB, Wickerman is reopening August. No idea about Nemesis though.



I was trying to work out what manufacturer built that thing... makes sense if it’s a crappy clone. None of the others seem to have that big weighted piece on the end.