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I thought there was a thread for this but can't find it...

The indoor Bumba world at Plopsaland is having a preview on the 8th. The headline dark ride of the area, Travelling with Bumba, looks set to open on the 21st...



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Per this press release, it seems Chance is now entangled with what might be the most corporate-named company I've ever heard of. Which isn't meant to be a judgment on PE, as I am unfamiliar with them. Despite the press release describing this as a "Financial Partnership", it later says that PE will retain the Chance name and that Dick Chance is being relegated to a minority stake in the company, making this sound more like an acquisition.

What are the takes on this? Good? Bad? Was Chance struggling? I know they've barely sold any coasters since acquiring Morgan but they purport to be "the largest manufacturer of amusement rides, roller coasters, observation wheels and people movers in the United States".

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A fire broke out in Walibi Holland’s parking lot earlier today. An electric car apparently caught fire and the flames then spread to nearby vehicles. The park entrance is being shut while firefighters try to get the flames under control.



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Coney Beach Porthcawl, a funfair that has operated for over 100 years, prepares to close at the end of this year (one source saying the beginning of September is when the doors are closed).

Breakdance and Beach Party have pre-emptively left the park.

Breakdance has been sold to the Middle East, but markings that match Beach Party's footprint have been spotted at Barry Island Pleasure Park, starting a new chapter for these incredible-looking rides.

The decision to close Coney Beach has been met with immense confusion & anger. When so many coastal towns thrive on tourism, the decision to close these parks is always a weird one. Especially when it's been pretty much confirmed that Coney Beach's land will be used for houses.


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Interestingly, according to Diary of a RollerCoaster Girl, Speed at Oakwood is midway through being repainted. The supports are being repainted black, with the track seemingly remaining orange, and the second phase of the repaint will be completed for the 2024 season:
The new paint job looks snazzy! I’m glad to see that things really seem to be looking up for Oakwood, what with Megafobia’s retrack, Speed being repainted, and some kind of alleged new ride investment on the way!

On a side note, Drenched is also closed for the remainder of the season due to some kind of restraint issue according to Oakwood’s website.


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Drenched is hopefully opening this Summer pending the work on the boat - though given how quiet the park was yesterday I can’t imagine they’d be in a rush to reopen it.

In other news there’s a fairly big area fenced off by Spooky Street - enough room for a decent family coaster. Spooky 3D has also been completely stripped at the front so looks like a big job - 2024 opening I would assume.

Park was definitely looking tidier than usual. Still some way to go to turn those Trip Advisor reviews around. Food at the park definitely needs looking at. Also pricing isn’t very competitive at the moment.


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Jinma have made their first inverted spinning LSM coaster in Wushang Dream Park in Wuhan China. Closest coaster I can think of is the Mack inverted powered coaster but this is LSM launched and I think looks pretty decent with two launches, show scenes and a nice little layout.

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